Nike MAX Transitions Outdoor - First look

Green tint said to enhance vision

Nike have teamed up with Transitions Optical on their new sunglasses, the Nike MAX Transitions Outdoor.

Their green tint is said to respond quickly to changing light, as well as brighten shadows, increase contrast and enhance vision outdoors.

Nike say that although the lens colour might seem cosmetic, colour is one of the most important things to consider with sunglasses, as certain hues enhance vision better than others.

A violet, golf-specific tint is also available, and both models are polycarbonate, blocking 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays. They come in two frame styles – the SQ, shown here, provides a wide visual field with minimal interference; the Show-X2 features temples and a nosepiece that can be adjusted for stability and comfort, and have less bulky arms, for better ventilation. Only the SQ will be available in the UK for now.

The Transitions lenses will fit Nike's Skylon Ace, Skylon Ace Pro and Show-X2 Pro frames, and are available for £195 in a wide variety of colours. Visit Nike's website for more details on stockists.

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