Video: Mountain biker vs rock crawler 4x4 in Moab

Part 5 of the VooDoo Challenge

The pro riders taking part in Mountain Biking UK's VooDoo Challenge have faced some tough adversaries this year, including a marine, a fell runner, an urban commuter and the inhospitable terrain of the Moroccan desert

In part five of the challenge - set on the Slickrock MTB trail in Moab, Utah - Jonny Cheetham, who's represented Britain at the mountain bike world's four times, takes on a rock crawler 4x4 driven by Jim Horne of Outlaw Jeep Tours. Jonny's on a 29in VooDoo Bokor while Jim has a custom built off-road buggy powered by a 400bhp Corvette engine.

Fair match? Surely not. Check out the video below to see how Jonny got on:

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About the VooDoo Challenge

During this series we have set different challenges for top riders – including VooDoo Cycles Rob Jarman – to try. Some of them have had a bit of culture and exploring, others a definite man vs the elements feel, and others are just downright bonkers. You can follow the antics in MBUK and here on BikeRadar.

You can read the full story about Jonny Cheetham's challenge against Jim's rock crawler 4x4 in issue 265 (July) of MBUK

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