Assos Zegho sunglasses: Video unboxing

Our new series continues with the Swiss firm's latest

Rob Spedding Assos Zegho

The new Zegho sunglasses from Assos caused quite a stir in the BikeRadar office when they arrived in late January, with their huge bug-eyed Carl Zeiss lenses, radical design and astronomical pricetag.


Continuing our new unboxing series, Cycling Plus Editor Rob Spedding gets up close and personal with the shades. From the flash outer box, the luxurious, plush white leather casing and the out-there shapes of the Zeghos themselves, there’s no doubt they’re aimed at the aspirational road cyclist looking to stand out from a humdrum crowd.


The Zegho range (pronounced ‘Zay-go’) is available now, via Yellow in the UK. Prices start at £299.99 ($399) for the Amplify model, rising to £309.99 ($429) for the Werksmannschaft and £319.99 (US$469) for the Noire. All models are hand made in Italy, one-size-fits-all and offer 100 percent UV protection and water repellence. For more details, check out

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