Bafang launches new 3-speed hub gear system with automatic shifting

New system designed for urban, hybrid and cargo ebikes

Bafang 3-speed automatic hub gear

Chinese electric bike motor powerhouse Bafang has launched a new 3-speed automatic gear hub, aimed at making everyday riding of electric bikes easier.

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Designed primarily for use with urban, hybrid and cargo ebikes, it features wide compatibility and, according to Bafang, can also be used on non-electric bikes.

3-speed automatic transmission

Bafang’s 3-speed automatic gear hub can be operated on electric and non-electric bikes.

The new hub features three gears to suit the demands of the urban environment, which are selected using an integrated sensor that measures a bike’s wheel speed to offer an optimal gear choice.

Bafang says that its built-in clutch mechanism enables very precise and smooth shifts under load, which should translate to a more natural and easy pedalling action.

The system is compatible with chain and belt drive transmissions (with support for a Gates Carbon Drive), and Bafang claims that it works equally well whether fitted to a full-size, compact or folding electric bike.

The self-contained design also removes the need for cluttering gear shifters and cables, which Bafang says will make for easier, less frequent and cheaper maintenance.

Powerful performance

In order to cater for the widest range of use cases, the new gear system can be driven by motors that deliver up to 80Nm torque, which Bafang says makes it perfect for city and trekking use, as well as for heavily laden cargo ebikes.

It is compatible with ebike motors limited to 25km/h and those able to provide assistance up to 32km/h.

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Pricing and availability is still to be confirmed at time of publication.