Bike computers are dead claims Bryton

Is Bryton’s budget GPS a game changer?

The new Rider 10 isn’t supposed to rival the likes of Garmin’s Edge series or Wahoo’s new Element Bolt, but Bryton wants the Rider 10 to replace your first steps in ride recording over the traditional bike computer. And at $55 (around £44) this looks like a budget option with plenty of bang for its buck.


The Rider 10 is very compact, measuring 71 x 46 x 16.5mm with a 2-inch screen, and set-up is as simple as clipping it to you bars and turning it on.

Should you want to get a bit more into things though, the matching iOS app enables you to customise the three lines of data fields across three screens — although the app displays seven separate data pages.

At 16.5mm deep its not exactly going to get in the way
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

So far so good, but with added elements like auto backlight and Strava uploads it suddenly becomes a whole lot more interesting. The inbuilt Barometer adds elevation data alongside GPS and if you then add the additional magnetless cadence and speed sensors you are getting a pretty handy data-recording unit.

The cadence and speed sensors both use Garmin-style elasticated hoop bands, so you simply wrap the band around the sensor and crank for cadence (no worries about aligning with a magnet) and for the speed sensor wrap it around the hub centre (front for when you’re out on the road, rear when you’re on your home trainer).

The GPS functionality records ride data that can be viewed through the app (or obviously through Strava).

The speed sensor mounts on the hub
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

What I really like about the Rider 10 is the price. The base unit, called the Rider 10e, is priced at $55 / €54.95 with UK and Australian prices to be confirmed, and for the 10c cadence version its $75 / €74.95. The speed sensor with a ANT+ HRM is available separately for €39.95, and all other prices are TBC.

So for a unit that’s compact yet holds a total of 28 functions, transmits and receives using Bluetooth BLE 4.0, is ANT+ compatibility and well sealed (rated to IPX7) this could well be an ideal GPS starter unit or for riders looking for a low-pro unit to use when racing.


We should be receiving a test unit and accessories soon, so we’ll let you know if it lives up to its potential.