BikeRadar Bargains: 10 treats under £20

Maintenance tools, cleaning products, cycling accessories and more

We all like a bargain, but while a shiny new carbon-framed road bike with 60 percent off may indeed be a bargain, it’s still unlikely to be – shall we say – cheap. Happily there are plenty useful things you can get your mitts on for less than £20, which will satisfy both that consumer urge and augment your cycling experience. A double whammy of win.


So with the weekend finally here, give yourself a little downtime for some online bargain shopping, with everything from helmets and hats through to maintenance goodies and riding essentials available in this week’s bargains.

Castelli Risvolto Cap £29.99 £18.99

Castelli risvolto cap:

Okay, so it might be a little on the warm side for a cosy cap now, but since we trust the British weather about as far as we could throw it, chances are you won’t be waiting too long before you need a cap that’s close on the ears and neck. Not that we’re pessimists or anything! This snug looking number from Castelli has some style going on as well.

Blackburn Toolmanator 16 Multitool £40.00 £14.99

Blackburn toolmanator:

Is it a multitool? Is it a shock pump? It’s both! And it has an amusing name too. The Toolmanator (see what they did there?) from Blackburn combines a 16-piece multitool with 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm Hex Keys, Torx T25 and T30, bladed and Philips screwdrivers, Schrader valve adjuster, chain breaker and spoke wrenches with a mini shock pump. All your trailside repairs in one device, and for under £20. Not bad, huh?

Giro Section Helmet 2013 £44.99 £12.99

Giro section helmet:

We rather like the colour of this skate-style lid from Giro. It makes a nice and summery-looking change to the blacks and greys of most commuter helmets. The Giro Section Helmet has 8 vents to give you some airflow, and is available in a small or medium size.

Muc-Off Chain Cleaner X-3  £30.00 £18.976

Muc-Off chain cleaner:

As far as useful products go, chain cleaner has got to be right up there near the top of the list. This little set from Muc-Off combines a chain cleaning device and some powerful degreaser to cut through the crud and have your chain sparkling like new in no time.

Available from Wiggle

Muc-Off 5 Cleaning Brush Set £26.00 £17.99

Muc-Off 5 piece brush set:

Kit out your maintenance stash with these brushes from Muc-Off and you’ll be riding a sparkly bike for the whole summer. Well, so long as you use them. There are brushes for every part of your frame.

Available from Halfords

Bike 7 Care Pack £34.99 £15.99

Bike7 maintenance kit: bike7 maintenance kit

A full set of cleaner, degreaser, wet and dry lube plus shine and protect spray to finish things off and and give your bike a lovely sheen to finish.

Vittoria Ultralite Road Inner Tube – 5 Pack £39.99 £16.99

Vittoria ultralite inner tubes:

Inner tubes are still an essential item, and the cost of them can add up quickly, so getting a stash of them for a low price is certainly a bargain. The Vittoria Ultralite Road Inner Tubes from Pro Bike Kit weigh just 95g per tube, according to Vittoria, and are ideal for racing and sportives. These are available in 25 to 28mm widths with a 36mm Presta valve.

Moon Nova 80 Lunar Rear Light Set  £27.99 £19.99

The moon nova 80 lunar rear light set:

Lights are a must, and even though the days are longer now, it’s always a good idea to have a set on stand-by in case you get caught out. This set from Moon consists of LED front and rear lights with an 80 lumen output at the front, powered by an AA battery. A number of functions and settings allow you modulate the output, with flashing options.

Abus 420 Ultimate D-Lock  £34.99 £19.99

Abus 420 d-lock:

Boost your security with a D-Lock. This Abus 420 Ultimate lock, with 23 cm of lockable space, is rated Sold Secure Silver and can be attached to the frame with the accompanying bracket so you can ride with it on your bike. The soft coating means it won’t scratch your paintwork, and the 14mm tempered steel shackle is designed to resist cutting and torsion attacks, according to Abus.

Park Tool WTK1C – Essential Tool Kit £19.99 £14.00

Park tool wtk1c:

All the essentials for the casual cyclist, including tyre levers, patches to repair any holes in your inner tube, an adjustable wrench, plus 4 hex keys in 3, 4, 5 and 6mm. Stow this in your saddle bag for on-the-spot repairs.