BikeRadar Friday Shorts Podcast | Is e-racing really a thing now?

With 'real' racing out of the question, pros are turning to the internet for their racing fix, but are we?


While esports and esports racing might not be an entirely new thing, the current Covid-19 situation has lead to the mass cancellation of ‘real’ bike races and an increase in participation in e-racing.


So, can it be a genuine replacement for the classic races we all love to watch or is it merely a way to keep the pros’ legs spinning and a little bit of money flowing in to teams’ pockets?

So far there’s been a virtual Tour of Flanders, with 12 pros racing on the not-so-cobbly cobbles, a virtual Tour de Suisse on Rouvy, and Team Ineos has raced up Alpe Du Zwift.

But what’s the experience for fans and spectators who might be missing their favourite races? Rather than sweeping shots of open roads and crowds packing the action-packed streets, we get home-shot streaming of riders sweating profusely over their living rooms and avatars jerkily overtaking each other on made-up hills.

Our trio of roadie-fan boys, Jack, Simon and Matthew, have been tuning in (so perhaps you don’t have to) and are asking if e-racing really is a thing now?

Zwift e-racing
The British e-racing champs were held on Zwift.

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