BikeRadar launches UK, US and Australian versions

International content tailored to each territory

BikeRadar has been launched in American, Australian and UK versions

If you’ve logged onto BikeRadar in the last few hours you might have noticed some subtle changes: we’ve gone regional.

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The site is still as international as ever, with all the latest news and the world’s biggest cache of road and mountain bike kit reviews (11,466 and counting, since you ask) from our teams in the USA, Europe and Australia, but it means the coverage on your screen will now be more tailored to your location.

Logging on in the States? You’ll see more US-specific news, competitions, offers, product reviews and their all important dollar price displayed straight up. That means no more hunting through articles for the info that matters to you. The same goes for readers in the UK and Australia. Visitors outside the US and Australia will default to the UK version.

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Some users in Australia and Europe could find they’ve been automatically directed to the US version. No problem: to make sure you’re viewing the right regional content, simply clear your web browser’s cookies and log straight back in.