BikeRadar Meets podcast | Zipp product manager Bastien Donzé on rim design, why wider is better and the future of carbon wheels

Warren digs deep on wheels with Zipp product manager Bastien Donzé

BikeRadar Meets podcast

In the latest episode of the BikeRadar Podcast, we meet Bastien Donzé, Zipp’s product manager for all things wheels.


BikeRadar’s senior technical editor for road, Warren Rossiter, chats to Bastien about the latest changes in road and gravel wheel design, why wider is better, and if tubeless and hookless really are the future.

BikeRadar Meets is the podcast series where we chat with some of cycling’s leading designers, engineers and riders.

In recent episodes, we’ve met Alberto Contador following the launch of his new bike brand, Aurum, and done a deep dive on mountain bike suspension with kinematics guru Chris Porter.

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