BikeRadar subject to cyber attack

No user data affected, commenting and social media login will be disabled

BikeRadar – the world's number one site for cycling advice

BikeRadar was one of a number of media websites to have been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army on Thursday. The Independent, Daily Telegraph, OK magazine, the NHL were also reportedly affected.


The cyber attack was to Gigya, a third party provider that we and a number of other sites use for managing logging in via social media and commenting. 

A small amount of readers were redirected to different web addresses and hence saw a message from the SEA popup. No BikeRadar user data was affected, however.

We apologise if your experience with the website was affected during this time. The group apparently exploited a fault with one of Gigya’s content delivery networks (CDNs). The issue has now been resolved.

Due to the potential ongoing security risk, commenting and login via social media will be disabled in the near future. You will still be able log on to the forum with your normal username and password.

The Guardian reported yesterday how various media sites had been affected and the Independent has more details of the attack.


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