BikeRadar Tech Talk Podcast Ep 1: Fork offset

Confused by fork offset? Seb and Tom talk numbers in our geeky Tech Talk podcast series

Three fork crowns

We’re kicking off a new BikeRadar Podcast ‘Tech Talk’ series with a look at the potentially confusing topic of fork offset. What does it mean? How does it work? Will it make any difference whatsoever to your life?


Fork offset dictates your bike’s trail figure, and this impacts on how stable, or calm, your bike feels on the trail. In recent years, bike manufacturers have woken up to the difference this can make to handling, but it’s not quite so simple, as we explore in this episode.

Seb testing a bike
Seb’s often out and about testing different set-ups
Andy Lloyd

Seb started experimenting with fork offset before anyone really bothered to care, so we reckon he’s the best person to guide us through this tricky topic.

Diagram explaining fork geometry
This is what we’re talking about: fork offset, trail, and steering axis
Seb Stott

The links you need

Male cyclist riding mountain bike woodlands
Yeah, even Specialized’s Epic Evo can be sent…!
Steve Behr

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Coming up we’ve got episodes about suspension dampers, suspension springs and other areas of bike geometry, but we’re always looking for more ideas.