BikeRadar to launch

World's best riding advice for all things three wheels

It’s been nearly eight years since BikeRadar launched, and we’ve grown to be the world’s biggest and most trusted online cycling resource.


Providing the same balanced professional reviews, tech news and riding advice that has seen BikeRadar succeed, our new site TrikeRadar aims to be your number one resource for everything in the world of tricycles.

Traditionally, trikes have offered a sensible option for riders young in years or with balance difficulties; however, TrikeRadar will look far beyond these parameters. From kids’ classics and dragster trikes, all the way through to the latest in e-trikes, drift and fat trikes, the new site will be there to cover it. 

Elite tricyclists looking for the world’s best gear and riding advice will now have a trusted online resource. And beginners looking to get started will find use in our detailed buyer’s guides and ‘how-to’ sections.

Our comparison reviews will not only tell you what’s available, but what’s the best choice. Looking for a trike for the fussiest 24-month year old on earth? Through professional testers based around the globe, we’ll put the products through their paces and translate such feedback as screams and cries into advice for discerning purchasers. 

Popular columnists from BikeRadar will be onboard too, with such series as HomeBench (that’s the beauty of a trike, you can fix it on a bench), BalancedAsian, ForkintheRoad, and FrailTech all ready to roll. 

The launch is just weeks away, so stay tuned for this all-new, fully adaptive site.

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