Birzman tools and Alpina helmets – Just in

New pumps, tools and lids for 2011

Taiwan’s Birzman are comparatively new entrants into the bike tool market – their first products hit shops just three years ago – but they’ve been winning awards and top test scores left, right and centre.


They have three distinct ranges: Travel Spirit (portable toolkits), Studio Cycle (workshop products) and Pocket Ride (multi-tools and mini pumps). New tools from the latter two categories have just arrived in the office, most of which are already available from Birzman dealers.

The Zacoo Dagger (£34.99, pictured right) is a mini mountain bike pump for use on Schrader valves, which inflates to max pressures of 300psi/20 bar. With a robust aluminium body, it weighs 242g. 

The 150g Horizons pump (price TBC, pictured below) is set up for Presta valves, but a stowed away Schrader adaptor can be attached. Birzman say it can reach pressures of 160psi/11 bar.

Birzman Horizons pump
Birzman horizons pump: birzman horizons pump
John Whitney/BikeRadar

On the multi-tool front, the Feexman Carbon comes in five- and 10-tool versions. The five, pictured below, costs £35.75, has a carbon fibre body and weighs 43g. It includes 3/4/5/6mm hex keys and a cross-head screwdriver.

Birzman Feexman Carbon multi-tool
1: 1
John Whitney/BikeRadar

The unique-looking, 35g Damsel Fly chain rivet extractor has won a 2011 iF Product Design Award. For nine- and 10-speed chains, its aluminium body is shaped to give extra leverage. RRP £19.99.

Birzman Damsel Fly chain rivet extractor
Birzman damsel fly chain rivet extractor: birzman damsel fly chain rivet extractor
John Whitney/BikeRadar

The Chain Link Removing Tool (£15.99) is designed to allow you to remove the chain master link, even when it’s packed full of dirt and oil. It weighs 75g and is small enough to fit in your saddle bag.

Birzman Chain Link removing tool
Birzman chain link removing tool: birzman chain link removing tool
John Whitney/BikeRadar

Finally, the nine-piece Hexkey Set (£39.99) is one for the workshop. High-quality 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm ball-ended Allen keys are included, along with a T25 Torx wrench for disc rotor bolts.

Birzman Hexkey Set
Birzman hexkey set : birzman hexkey set
John Whitney/BikeRadar


Alpina were established 31 years ago in the town of Derching, near Augsberg in Bavaria. They specialise in helmets and eyewear for snow sports and cycling, and some of their latest lids have just arrived in the office.

The Evolution 2.0 full-face helmet (£169.99) comes with a pair of Turbo goggles and its own carrying bag. Twelve vents will hopefully keep the air flowing. It comes in S/M/L/XL sizes.

Alpina Evolution 2.0 full-face helmet
1: 1
John Whitney/BikeRadar

The 25-vent Mythos cross-country/trail lid (£74.99) weighs in at a claimed 269g (small), uses Alpina’s Swingfit retention system and comes in anthracite/white and white/mint colours. Look out for a review on BikeRadar soon.

Alpina Mythos helmet
John Whitney/BikeRadar

The Airtime (£49.99) dirt jump lid comes in matt black or white options and has one front and three rear vents. For more information on any of these products, visit Alpina’s UK website.

Alpina Airtime helmet
Alpina airtime: alpina airtime
John Whitney/BikeRadar