Bontrager 2015 mountain bike products – first look

New wheels, air compressor floor pump and more

Trek’s clothing, parts and accessories brand, Bontrager, has a number of new and exciting products on the way for 2015. From redesigned trail helmets, to a vibrant new clothing line, to a revolutionary new floor pump, it’s clear the folks behind Bontrager have been hard at work.


BikeRadar recently traveled to Trek World in Madison, Wisconsin, to get a look at some of the other new hard and softgoods that will be coming to a Trek dealer near you. 

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TLR Flash Charger

While tubeless systems are increasingly easy to seat with just a floor pump, there are certain rim and tyre combinations that can still necessitate the use an air compressor to properly seat the tyre.

Bontrager’s new us$120 tlr flash charger is a floor pump desgined to seat stubbon tubeless tires:
Josh Patterson Immediate / Media

Bontrager has developed a high-volume floor pump with a fill chamber, allowing it to act as a human-powered air compressor. The user simply pumps up the auxiliary chamber to a given pressure before releasing the pressurized air into the tyre. The pump functions as a traditional floor pump when the tyre is seated.

The tlr flash charger has an auxilary fill chamber than can pressurized to release a blast of air, much like an air compressor, to seat tubeless beads:
Josh Patterson Immediate / Media

This looks like an excellent item for home mechanics as well as a great piece of kit that should be part of any race-day mechanic’s setup.

The US $120 TLR Flash Charger will be available this autumn (UK and AU pricing TBA).

Bontrager Line Elite wheelset

Bontrager is the latest company to develop a wider than the norm wheelset. The new Line Elite wheelset has an internal width of 28mm. It is only available in a 27.5in size for the time being. We expect to see a 29in version, as well as a carbon version, in the near future. 

For now, the line is only available in 27.5in wheels. we expect this to change in the near future:

Claimed weight for the Line Elite wheelset is 1,760 grams.

Lithos and Rally trail helmets

The Bontrager Lithos was redesigned from the ground-up for 2015. The Lithos gets a new integrated EVA foam padset for improved fit as well as a silicone strip across the brow pad, to keep sweat from dripping from your forehead onto your eyewear.

The lithos has been redesigned with an integrated mounting system, allowing the user to mount items such as a light and a gopro:
Josh Patterson Immediate / Media

The visor is designed to tilt up enough to accommodate goggles when not in use. Bontrager also included a removable break-away mount that can be used for a GoPro as well as headlamps and other accessories. The mounting bracket is part of Bontrager’s new modular accessory mounting system, Blendr.

The Lithos will be available in winter and will retail for US$139 (UK and AU pricing TBA).

The us$85 ralleye shares the fit on the lithos in a more affordable package:
Josh Patterson Immediate / Media

The US$85 Rally is the value-driven counterpart to the Lithos. The Rally shares similar design cues and a similar fit with fewer creature comforts.


There’s more!

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