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Cyber Monday turbo trainer deals | Up to 70% off smart trainers from Wahoo, Elite, Tackx and more

Cheap smart trainers from £210 or $239.99

black friday 70% saving sticker on Elite Direto XR smart trainer

Indoor training has really taken off in the last few years, with both indoor training apps and the hardware to run them becoming ever more sophisticated. While it’s still possible to spend thousands on a smart trainer, new entrants to the market and a flood of post-pandemic stock have also forced prices down in many cases.

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You can choose between wheel-on options, where your rear tyre provides the connection to the trainer or direct drive models, where you remove your rear wheel and attach your bike to a cassette on the trainer. Wheel-on trainers are in general more affordable, but direct-drive models provide a better experience and avoid wear on your bike’s tyres.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best cheap turbo trainers and smart trainer Cyber Monday deals to help keep you riding this winter.

Where to find the best Cyber Monday cycling deals 

These retailers typically offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts on quality cycling equipment.

Cyber Monday cycling deals: UK quick links

  • Chain Reaction – Offering up to 60 per cent off cycling gear including bikes, clothing, shoes and more
  • Wiggle – Offering up to 60 per cent off a huge range of cycle gear
  • Sigma Sports – Offering up to 60 per cent off top-notch cycling kit

More retailers to keep an eye on are…

Cyber Monday cycling deals: US quick links

  • Jenson USA – Jenson is offering plenty of deals to those based in the US

More retailers to keep an eye on are…

Pinnacle HC Turbo Home Trainer – £700 £210 (save 70%)

Pinnacle HC Turbo Home Trainer
You can get the Pinnacle HC trainer at a huge discount.
Simon von Bromley / Immediate Media

The Pinnacle HC trainer is a UK-only option from Evans Cycles’ brand.

It’s compatible with eight- to 12-speed drivetrains and you can buy an XDR freehub body if you run a SRAM drivetrain.

It’s not without its issues, but will simulate a 20 per cent gradient and provide 2,500 watts resistance, so it’s up there with top trainers from the big brands while undercutting their prices. It’s a great choice for an entry-level or casual cyclist.

It started off at £700, then dropped to £500, but right now it’s priced down by 70 per cent at £210, so it’s one of the lowest-priced options available, particularly for a direct drive model.

Tacx Neo 2 Special Edition – £1,999 £649.99 (save 46%)

Tacx Neo 2 special edition smart trainer
The Tacx Neo 2 Special Edition is compatible with most bikes.

The Tacx Neo 2 Special Edition has the internals of the Tacx Neo 2 but with the axle of the Neo 2T, the brand’s premium trainer.

This adds thru-axle compatibility, for example for 142/148x12mm, meaning you can use most types of bike on it.

The Tacx Neo 2 has foldable legs and connects to your sensors, devices and favourite cycling apps through Bluetooth and ANT+.

It provides 2,200 watts of resistance and can simulate gradients of up to 25 per cent, according to the brand.

Tacx Flux S – £599.99 £499.99 (save 17%)

Indoor bike trainer, Tacx Flux S Smart
The Flux is a few years old but is still worth considering.
David Caudery/Immediate Media

The Tacx Flux S is the lowest-priced direct drive trainer in the Tacx range. It’s quick to assemble, with only the front legs needing bolting on, although these don’t fold, so it’s not as easy to store as some options.

It’s easy to add a bike to get riding and it pairs quickly both with the Tacx trainer app and third-party software.

The stable design feels very planted and the Flux S is quiet in use. We liked the ride feel and found power numbers and cadence figures accurate.

Wahoo Kickr Core – £699.99 £449 (save 36%)

Wahoo Kickr Core Smart, Zwift
Wahoo dropped the price of the Kickr Core earlier this year.
Our Media

The Wahoo Kickr Core smart trainer had a permanent price drop earlier this year. It was already the most affordable way into Wahoo’s direct drive trainer range, with specs that are a little below those of the Kickr, but still provides impressive performance.

That starts with the heavy flywheel, providing plenty of inertia for a realistic ride feel. It’s quiet too, with good power accuracy figures, up to 1,800 watts resistance and the ability to simulate gradients of up to 16 per cent.

Wahoo Kickr Snap – £429.99 £249.99 (save 42%)

Wahoo KICKR SNAP smart trainer
Wahoo’s cheapest smart trainer now costs even less.
Wahoo Fitness

The Kickr Snap is Wahoo’s cheapest smart trainer and is a more affordable way to start off indoor training.

Although it’s a wheel-on not a direct-drive trainer, so you leave the back wheel on your bike, it will automatically change resistance and connect to apps, devices and sensors.

The Kickr Snap is reduced by 42 per cent on Tredz for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Elite Zumo – £449 £379 (save 16%)

Elite Zumo
The Zumo is Elite’s most affordable direct drive smart trainer.
Simon Bromley / Immediate Media

The Elite Zumo is the brand’s lowest-price direct drive smart trainer, although it’s not sold in the US. It’s a nice-looking design with an integrated handle to make it easy to carry. We found it easy to set up and get riding on the Zumo too, because it’s almost fully assembled out of the box, although you need to supply a cassette to fit with your bike’s drivetrain.

We rated the Zumo an easy-to-live-with trainer, and liked its realistic ride feel and quick gradient changes when riding Zwift. We reckon it’s all you need unless you’re into Zwift racing.

Elite Direto XR – £599.99 £449.99 (25%) / $999.99 $399.99 (save 60%)

Elite Direto XR
The Direto XR is often discounted.
Simon Bromley / Immediate Media

Although its £850/$899 list price doesn’t classify it as ‘budget’, the Elite Direto XR is often discounted, so it’s a top-spec direct drive turbo trainer that you might be able to pick up at a bargain price. It provides plenty of resistance at 2,300 watts, with accurate power readings and there’s a good level of inertia for a realistic ride feel. It’s quiet too.

The Direto XR is supplied with a riser block and thru-axle adaptors, as well as an 11-speed cassette, so most riders will find everything they need to get riding supplied.

Elite Direto X – £769 £499 (save 35%)

Elite Direto X smart trainer
The Elite Direto X is the predecessor of the Direto XR.

The Elite Direto X is the previous version of the Direto XR and has a smaller fly wheel, lower maximum power and simulated gradient.

But the smart trainer will still meet most rider’s indoor training needs and is now heavily discounted.

The Direto X pairs with popular indoor cycling apps as well as your sensors and devices, and is claimed to measure power to within +/- 1.5 per cent accuracy.

Tacx Boost – $299.99 $239.99 (save 20%)

Tacx Boost turbo trainer
Don’t overlook the humble ‘dumb’ turbo trainer.
Simon Bromley / Immediate Media

All the above options are smart trainers, meaning they can react automatically to changes in apps, including gradient changes in games and ramps in indoor sessions. The Tacx Boost is a non-smart option, which brings the price down but means you must adjust the resistance manually.

This has the advantage that you don’t need mains power and there are more gradations of adjustment than on many manually operated trainers. It’s a compact trainer, so it’s easy to store, although it gets noisy if you are working hard.

LifeLine TT-02 Fluid Turbo Trainer – £149.99 £69.99 (save 53%)

LifeLine TT-02 Fluid Turbo Trainer
LifeLine’s TT-02 Fluid Turbo Trainer is half-price, ready for your winter training.

The LifeLine TT-02 is a basic entry-level turbo trainer that will be a good choice for riders wanting an easy-to-use no-fuss setup for basic indoor training.

Priced at £69.99, it’s one of the cheapest options online.

Wahoo Kickr Move – £1,399 £1,249 (save 11%)

Indoor cycling setup with a Wahoo Kickr Move smart trainer on a training mat
Save more than 10% on the Wahoo Kickr Move.
Our Media

Wahoo’s priciest smart trainer, the Kickr Move, rocks as you ride which we found improved seated comfort.

In the UK, the Kickr Move is reduced by £150 on Tredz, but due to the high RRP that’s only 11 per cent off.

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