Continental debuts lots of fresh rubber for 2017

Roadies, CX, mountain bikers and tourers all get something new

We’ve got details of Continental’s new range of bike tyres for 2017. Whether you’re a roadie, cyclocrosser, mountain biker or commuter, there’s some fresh rubber here for you to consider.


Among the highlights are third-generation Attack and Force road tyres, new Speed King CX gravel tyres, a reshuffled range of city tyres, the new Double Fighter III mountain bike tyre, and a trio of new cyclocross tyres. 

There’s quite a lot to take in here — it’s taken us a while to work out what exactly is new for 2017 — so we’ve tried to group things as simply as possible. Pricing will be added as we get it.

New Continental road bike tyres

The new Attack III is a front-wheel-only tyre in 23mm width
Courtesy Continental

For 2017, the popular Attack & Force road race tyres get an update with new sizes of 23mm for the front wheel (Attack) and 25mm for the rear (Force), slightly larger than the 22mm/24mm combo previously used. The Attack model is designed for the front wheel, and is slightly narrower for agility and aero efficiency, while the Force is designed for the rear wheel, and is slightly wider to offer better grip and comfort.

The new Force III is a rear-wheel-only road tyre in 25mm width
Courtesy Continental

Both are handmade in Germany from Continental’s ‘Black Chilli’ compound rubber, designed to offer the best combination of grip, durability and rolling resistance. They’ve got a very high thread count of 330 TPI, and are designed to run at pressures of 110-120 PSI. They also feature Vectran puncture protection, which is basically a synthetic fibre with high tear-resistance and flexibility that sits beneath the outer tread pattern.

The Continental Attack III weighs 190g and the Continental Force III weighs 210g. They can only be bought as a set, costing €114 (international pricing to be confirmed).

New Continental gravel tyre

Continental’s new Speed King CX tyre is bound to catch the eye of gravel riders
Courtesy Continental

The new Speed King CX tyres should be of interest for gravel riders. There are three versions available: a premium 32mm version that’s handmade in Germany, and two larger ones (35mm and 45mm) for the Performance collection. 

All three combine a fast-rolling centre with shoulder lugs for extra grip, and include puncture protection. They’re designed for dry and solid surfaces though, so not ideal in the mud. The 32mm version weighs 290g, the 35mm weighs 400g and the 45mm weighs 520g. European pricing is €65 per tyre for the premium 32mm RaceSport version, and €36 per tyre for the 35mm and 45mm Performance versions.

New Continental cyclocross tyres

The Race King CX performs best in dry to mixed conditions, and comes in 35mm or 45mm widths
Courtesy Continental

There are a number of new cyclocross tyres available for 2017, including an entirely new model called the Race King. It comes in two widths (35mm and 45mm) and is described as a classic competition tyre. It performs best in dry to mixed conditions, and weighs 420g for the 35mm version, or 540g for the 45mm version. European pricing is €36 per tyre for both versions.

The Mountain King CX is for wet and muddy courses, and now comes in 35mm width
Courtesy Continental

There are also new versions of the Mountain King CX and CycloXKing tyres which are heavier and wider than their existing, premium 32mm RaceSport versions. Neither are UCI-legal, being wider than the current 33mm limit. The Mountain King CX is for wet and muddy courses, and there’s now a 35mm version that weighs 460g. European pricing is €65 for the premium RaceSport version in 32mm width and €36 per tyre for the Performance version in 35mm width.

The CycloXKing is an all-rounder cyclocross tyre
Courtesy Continental

The two new versions of the CycloXKing come in 35mm and 45mm widths. The CycloXKing is described as the all-rounder in the range, and features a Nytech Breaker puncture protection insert. It weighs 440g in the 35mm width, or 560g in the 45mm width. European pricing is €36 per tyre for both new tyres (35mm and 45mm).

New Continental mountain bike tyre

The Double Fighter III is an MTB tyre that’ll run smooth on tarmac
Courtesy Continental

Trail riders may be interested in the new Double Fighter III, described as a versatile urban MTB tyre that’s ideal for transforming an off-road bike into a nippy city racer.

It performs best in hard, dry conditions, and is available in a range of sizes, including 16×1.75”, 20×1.75”, 24×1.75”, 24×2”, 26×1.9”, and 27.5/29×2”. European pricing is €25 per tyre.

New Continental city/touring tyres

The entry-level Ride Tour comes in a huge variety of widths, sizes and colour combos
Courtesy Continental

Finally, there are some new all-rounder urban and touring tyres. The Ride Tour is an entry-level tyre designed for tarmac and unsurfaced bike paths, and comes in a huge range of sizes from 12-inch wheels all the way up to 28-inch, and a number of colour options. European pricing is €10 per tyre for the smallest sizes, up to €20 per tyre for the largest ones.

The Contact is a tough all-rounder for big touring trips
Courtesy Continental

Another new model called the Contact joins the already huge family of Contact tyres and is billed as a tough all-rounder for big touring trips. It’s dynamo-compatible and comes in a huge range of sizes, from 20-inch wheels up to 28-inch and 700C. European pricing is €17 per tyre for the smallest sizes, up to €31 per tyre for the largest ones.

The Contact Plus has added puncture protection for touring cyclists
Courtesy Continental

There’s also the Contact Plus, which is similar to the model above but gets extra puncture protection, and is rated for e-bikes up to 50kph. European pricing is €37 per tyre.

The Contact Speed is for fixie riders, and everyone wanting to ride fast in traffic
Courtesy Continental

Finally, there’s Contact Speed, which has a slight diamond profile and double puncture protection, and is designed for bikes such as singlespeeds and fixies. European pricing is €15 per tyre for the smallest sizes, up to €31 per tyre for the largest ones.

For more info on all these new models, head to


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