Cotic’s long-travel 27.5in Rocket gets even radder and features UK-welded tubes

Cotic moves some frame production to Scotland and revamps the Rocket, its enduro-focused, all-day-capable full susser

Cotic Rocket

Cotic has released an updated version of its Rocket enduro bike, bumping travel from 157mm to 165mm and giving the already fairly long and low bike the full long/low treatment – bringing it up with some of the most progressively-shaped enduro bikes available.

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While Cotic’s bikes have always been designed in Sheffield, some of its frame manufacturing will now be based in Scotland, with Five Land Bikes fabricating front triangles.

Cotic Rocket
Oh for days like this! The Rocket is designed to be fast, stable and fun.

Cotic Rocket frame details

Cotic has boosted the rear travel by 8mm on the latest Rocket to give it even more clout when rattling through rocky chunder or sending the gaps you’ve been eyeing up for months.

While the third generation Rocket was capable of running 170mm forks, this is now the stock fork travel on the fourth generation, up from the 160mm forks of old.

In addition to bolstering travel figures, Cotic has also worked on the kinematics and leverage ratio of the shock in order to give better mid-stroke support – ideal for holding a line in corners and pushing through compressions.

Cotic says that the bike retains its plush feel while still having plenty of character to let you hop and skip down the trail.

Cotic Rocket
Steel is real, certainly in Cotic’s case.

The lower leverage ratios mean longer stroke shocks: 63mm up from 57mm, used in conjunction with the longer links found on Cotic’s MAX 29er bikes, help change the kinematic.

This means lower shock pressures (which could help longevity, slightly), but Cotic has also reduced the progressivity of the stroke, from 28 per cent to 21 per cent.

Cotic says that “backing off the rate a little means people who liked the original feel can get it with volume spacers, but larger fellas, or people looking for a smoother, plusher feel will be able to get that with any of the shocks, not just the big can [that was previously recommended for heavier riders looking to tune their shock’s feel]”

Cotic Rocket
Cotic’s Droplink suspension is its take on how the rear end of a bike should feel.

Five Land Bikes, based out of Balerno near Edinburgh, will be fabricating the front triangles using an ‘exclusive HD Reynolds 853’ tubeset, which it says is stiffer yet stronger and more durable, without any weight gain.

Rear triangles will continue to be sourced from Taiwan.

Cotic Rocket
Neat details, such as this small chainguide, are nice finishing touches.

Cotic says that using that steel gives the frames a subtle, supple feel, and a ground-moulding traction in corners.

Cotic Rocket geometry

Cotic has used its ‘Longshot’ geometry concept since 2017, which is its take on a long, low and slack bike geometry designed to be stable over rough terrain, good through corners and safe on steep trails.

At the same time, it’s designed to keep the bike agile and fun to ride, and is based around using a 35mm long stem, which keeps handling sharp and your hands well behind the front wheel’s contact patch with the ground.

Cotic has posted plenty of information, with links and podcasts, on its Longshot geometry page.

This fourth generation Rocket has been updated with slightly longer reach figures and steeper seat angles than the previous version – the bottom bracket also drops a touch.

While it gives figures for 160mm and 170mm forks, we suspect most riders will opt for the longer fork (though, the X-Fusion Sweep offered on the Silver build is limited to 160mm, and riders looking for sharper handling might prefer 160mm forks, according to Cotic).

Cotic Rocket
Cotic has a new head tube badge to go with the Rocket and we reckon it looks great!

Cotic also quotes the seat angle with two different saddle heights, which is fairly unique from what we’ve seen in the industry.

The difference is between effective and real seat tube angles. The ‘real’ is the actual angle of the seat tube, whereas the ‘effective’ measures from the bottom bracket to the saddle rails.

The effective seat tube angle is what tends to matter most because it’s what you’ll feel on the bike, however the ‘real’ tends to be slacker than the ‘effective’, so the higher your post, the slacker the effective becomes – a real issue for taller riders on bikes with shorter seat tubes.

Therefore, Cotic posts effective seat angles with the saddle at a 720mm bottom bracket to saddle height, and 815mm bottom bracket to saddle height, for better cross-referencing with your current ride.

Reach/seat tube figures range from 439.6mm/390mm (S) to 510.7mm/495mm (XL).

Cotic Rocket geometry (Large, 170mm fork)

  • Seat tube: 460mm
  • Reach: 485.9mm
  • Head angle: 64 degrees
  • Seat angle 720mm: 74.4 degrees
  • Seat angle 815mm: 74.2 degrees
  • Chainstay length: 437mm
  • Bottom bracket drop: -7mm
  • Head tube length: 120mm
  • Stack: 611mm
  • Wheelbase: 1267.3mm

Cotic Rocket models

All of Cotic’s bikes are built to order, with both standard and customisable builds available.

Colours available are Sunny Yellow and Metal Grey, and prices include shipping in the UK, Europe and North America, but it will ship globally.

Cotic Rocket
The main lower pivot is designed to be easily serviced.

Cotic Rocket frame

  • Frame with the Cane Creek DB Air IL shock: £2,199 / approx €2,420 / approx $2,235
  • Frame with the Cane Creek DB Air CS Piggyback: £2,399 / approx €2,640 / approx $2,440

Cotic Rocket Silver

This build features X Fusion suspension, a Shimano SLX 12-speed drivetrain, Deore brakes, Shimano MT620 wheels and Continental tyres.

  • £3,199 / approx €3,520 / approx $3,250.

Cotic Rocket Gold

Gold builds include Cane Creek HELM Forks and Air IL Shock, Shimano XT brakes, WTB tubeless tyres and a choice of either SRAM Eagle GX or Shimano XT 12-speed drivetrains, WTB tubeless tyres in your choice of width and casing.

You can also select Hope Fortus wheels or Hunt TrailWide or EnduroWide wheelsets for no extra cost.

  • £4,449 / approx €4,895 / approx $4,520.
Cotic Rocket
Various builds are available, with UK manufacturer Hope providing components on some builds.

Cotic Rocket Platinum

The Platinum build has a SRAM X01 drivetrain, Burgtec carbon bars, Hope Tech E4 brakes, Cane Creek Air CS piggyback shock, Hunt AM carbon wheels and the Cane Creek eeWings titanium cranks.

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  • £6,999 / approx €7,699 / approx $7,115.
Cotic Rocket
Cane Creek’s eeWings titanium cranks adorn the Platinum level build.