BikeRadar Tech Talk Podcast Ep 2: Mountain bike suspension dampers

Dampers are a key component to control your suspension. Seb and Tom, from BikeRadar's tech team, discuss how they work, why they're needed and offer some set-up tips.

X-Fusion MTB damper

In this episode, BikeRadar’s technical editor Tom Marvin and technical writer Seb Stott discuss the intricacies of suspension damping. Dampers do an incredibly important job in a bike’s suspension, so if you want to know more, make sure to give this a listen.

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Suspension dampers are there to control a bike’s fork or shock’s action through its stroke – without them, the suspension would effectively be like a pogo stick, so they’re very handy!

We cover the reasons why they’re so useful, how they work, and touch upon how to best set up the suspension on your mountain bike.

Various fork dampers from SRAM
Fork dampers sit inside one side of the fork’s legs, to control the action of the fork
David Rome / Immediate Media

The links you need

Vorsprung suspension has created a couple of great videos with extra detail on damping, which are well worth a watch.

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