£775 disc brakes, a €12,000 super bike and mid-century modern bikepacking bags

Plus a titanium time trial bike, the cargo bike drivetrain of the future and the new Propain Tyee

Cycle Show 2023 lead image

Coinciding with this year’s edition of Sea Otter, the Cycle Show 2023 brought together some of the UK’s biggest brands in the salubrious surroundings of Alexandra Palace in London.

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From aero titanium time trial bikes to mid-century modern bikepacking bags, this year’s show truly had something for all tastes.

New Motion Labs Enduo Cargo drivetrain

Cycle Show 2023 roundup gallery – New Motion Labs' Enduo drivetrain
This is the first time we’ve seen New Motion Labs’ Enduo drivetrain in the flesh.
Jack Luke / Our Media

New Motion Labs’ Enduo Cargo is a cargo-bike specific drivetrain claimed to last three and a half times longer than a conventional drivetrain.

The drivetrain uses a skip-tooth profile and a 06B-1 chain. These chains are used commonly in industrial settings and differ from standard bike chains, engaging both sides of a tooth.

Cycle Show 2023 roundup gallery – New Motion Labs' Enduo drivetrain
The chainrings and cog use a skip tooth profile.
Jack Luke / Our Media

The Enduo Cargo drivetrain is only available for Enviolo, Shimano or Rohloff hub gears.

A full Enduo Cargo drivetrain costs £216 and is available to buy direct from New Motion Labs. International pricing is TBC.

Propain Tyee

Cycle Show 2023 roundup gallery – Propain Tyee
The new Propain Tyee was on show.
Jack Luke / Our Media

Propain had its updated Tyee enduro bike on display at The Cycle Show.

The 160mm-travel enduro bike ticks every box in a game of ‘new MTB bingo’ – it’s longer, slacker and lower, the suspension kinematics have been updated and it now features internal cable routing (bingo!).

Check out our in-depth news story for more information and our first ride review for Luke Marshall’s early impressions.

Reilly Cycleworks time trial bike

Cycle Show 2023 roundup gallery – Reilly Cycleworks time trial bike
Now that’s a special bike.
Jack Luke / Our Media

It was impossible to walk past this amazing time trial bike on the Reilly Cycleworks stand without taking a second glance.

Like the Reilly Fusion, this bike pairs butted titanium tubing with cast titanium components to create an almost carbon-like aero-optimised silhouette.

Lezyne Mega HB E2000

Cycle Show 2023 roundup gallery – new Lezyne headlight
Electric bike headlights are designed to run off the central battery on an ebike.
Jack Luke / Our Media

The Lezyne Mega HB E2000 is a new bike light designed to run off an electric bike’s central battery.

A large StVZO-compliant central beam is paired with six additional LEDs.

Electric bike lights are a growing market for both OEMs and as aftermarket upgrades, with Lezyne now offering at least 16 ebike-specific lights.

Basso Palta gravel bike

Cycle Show 2023 roundup gallery – Basso Palta
The Basso Palta launched in 2021.
Jack Luke / Our Media

The Basso Palta is a go-fast carbon gravel race bike.

The bike launched in 2021, but this is the first time we’ve got up close and personal with one.

Cycle Show 2023 roundup gallery – Basso Palta
The front end of the bike looks great.
Jack Luke / Our Media

The bike’s a real looker, with classic seatstays and a sleek silhouette, but we’re particularly fond of the junction between the down tube and fork crown.

It’s a really nice bit of design that makes the most of Basso’s signature offset crown. Lovely stuff.

Braking IN.CA.S 2.0 disc brakes

Cycle Show 2023 roundup gallery – Braking brakes
These brakes, quite literally, do what they say on the tin.
Jack Luke / Our Media

These premium disc brakes from Braking take the top prize for the most literal product name ever.

Fitted to a Forestal Cyon electric bike, Braking’s IN.CA.S 2.0 brakes cost a whopping £775 at RRP, and that’s without rotors or mounts.

For context, a pair of Shimano XTR M9100 brakes would set you back ‘only’ £470 for a pair.

Sturdy Cycles titanium crankset with SRAM Red AXS chainrings

Cycle Show 2023 roundup gallery – 3D-printed titanium cranks
Woof – that’s a pricey combo.
Jack Luke / Our Media

Sturdy Cycles’ titanium crankset is made to order, 3D-printed and an oh-so-lovely object to ogle.

This is the first time we’ve seen the £1,300 cranks fitted with SRAM’s Red AXS 2x integrated chainrings, including the integrated power meter. Premium!

Quintessential Customs Workshop Lucienne Day-inspired custom bag and bikepacking bike

Cycle Show 2023 roundup gallery – Wizard Works bikepacking bags
This bike would look great leaning up against a reclaimed Eames chair.
Jack Luke / Our Media

Lucienne Day was an iconic British textile designer. Her work defined the contemporary style of the 1950s and 1960s.

Quintessential Customs Workshop pays homage to Day’s work with this custom bikepacking setup.

The bikepacking bags by Wizard Works and matching custom Teme frame incorporate motifs inspired by Day’s work, and we absolutely love it.

Mid-century modern design and bikepacking bags? That’s any millennial cyclist’s dream.

Fizik Gravita Tensor Flat shoes

Cycle Show 2023 roundup gallery – Fizik Gravita
Suitable for shredding and slaying the lanes at your local bowling alley.
Jack Luke / Our Media

Fizik’s Gravita Tensor shoes are available in either flat or clip-in options. The neat inboard ankle guard, which will help protect socks from oily marks, is shared across both shoes.

Our eyes were drawn by this black-and-white version of the flat pedal shoe, which looks a bit like something you’d hire at a bowling alley.

BMC Teammachine SLR MPC

Cycle Show 2023 roundup gallery – BMC Teammachine SLR
Boring or classy? You decide.
Jack Luke / Our Media

Most all-black bikes are as boring as sin, but we’ll make a rare exception for this stealthy BMC Teammachine SLR MPC.

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Funky paint and weird specs will always draw our attention, but we still have a soft spot for a good ol’ no-compromise, lust-worthy, go-fast stealth-fighter inspired road bike. This €12,000 (!) bike ticks all of those boxes.