Cycle Vision show 2014: mountain bike picks

New kit from Panaracer, Magura, Fenwicks and more

Yesterday BikeRadar attended Cycle Vision, a trade show held by UK distributor Zyro. We got a glimpse into what’s to come from Zyro’s portfolio of brands in 2014.



Japanese tyre manufacturer Panaracer has released two new 650b tyres. Well, they aren’t exactly new – they’re rebranded versions of Pacenti tyres, which Panaracer acquired a little while back.

Originally designed by 650b pioneer Kirk Pacenti, the Neo-Moto is a square blocked all-conditions tyre that’s aimed at the enduro market. They’re available in 2.1 and 2.3in widths, and there’s also a 2.1in 29er version. They are set to retail at £39.99

The second tyre to newly hold the Panaracer name is the Quasi-Moto, a 650b-specific, 2in tyre that is ideal for hard-pack and loose terrain. It’s also priced ay £39.99.

Panaracer’s existing Swoop and Comet tyres have also been updated with 650b options, while the Drive Pro cross-country marathon tyre will now be produced for all three wheel sizes.


Magura’s elect equipped ts8 fork retails for £999.99:
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing
BikeRadar has already given our readers the run down on Magura’s nifty new eLECT technology, which uses a series of accelerometers to automatically adjust a fork for different riding scenarios.

The technology is now appearing on the German company’s latest line of forks, namely the TS8, which retails at £999.99. Magura says you can retro-fit the eLECT system to all Magura forks produced from 2010, but it’s not a cheap upgrade as it costs £599.99!


Fenwicks fast blast degreaser is pitched as a quick and effective chain cleaning solution:
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing
A new degreaser is available from UK cleaning experts Fenwick’s. The Fast Blast degreaser is an ideal solution for when you’re short on time or if water isn’t readily avaialble. It’s a solvent-based liquid degreaser and is more aggressive than the water-based foam cleaner that the company already offer.

The product also leaves a protective film over your chain, so you won’t be coming back to a rusty chain if you find you have run out of chain lube. A 500ml can costs £9.99.

Genuine Innovations

Genuine innovations microflate nano (right), hammerhead (middle) and airchuck (left) co2 inflators:
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing

We also checked out the revised line-up of Co2 inflators from Genuine Innovations.

At £14.99, the Microflate Nano is currently the cheapest route to ditching your conventional pump. It uses an auto-select head so you needn’t worry about your valve type, a single 16g threaded cartridge is included.

Then there’s the new for 2014 Hammerhead, for £19.99. It uses a simple and easy to control push to inflate button system, once again it uses an auto-select head and is happy to accept threaded CO2 cartridges in either 12g, 16g, 20g, or 25g sizes. This one also comes with a 16g cartridge.

The top-of-the-line threaded inflator is the Airchuck. Weighing just 16g it’s super minimal, and for £24.99 you’ll get the Airchuck plus one 16g and one 20g CO2 cartridge.

If you want to go riding without a pack or are simply looking for a convenient place to stash your CO2 inflator then Genuine Innovations have a solution – the £6.99 X-Mount is compatible with any of the above inflators and simply straps the tool plus its cartridge to your bike frame.


For those of you who don’t fancy cold hands there are two threadless inflators, the Ultraflate Plus (£19.99) and  Proflate (£26.99). Replacement 20g threaded cartridges are sold in packs of two for £7.99 or six for £19.99.