Social distance like you mean it with the inflatable Cyclo Sausage

Customisable bike safety device encourages others to stay away

Cyclo Sausage

Avoiding people is all the rage these days and this rather whimsical safety device called the Cyclo Sausage could make that a little bit easier.


Designed by self-described “inventor, builder and dreamer” Yannick Read, the Cyclo Sausage is a simple inflatable noodle that fits underneath your saddle and sticks out sideways.

It’s a vibrant visual reminder for drivers approaching from the rear that they should give you a wide berth and, because it’s an inflatable, it shouldn’t damage objects with which it comes into contact, or cause you to crash if it hits an obstacle.

The concept isn’t a wholly new one, but unlike the flexible safety flags of yore, the Cyclo Sausage can be collapsed down to a small, portable package.

Read is currently seeking funding for the Cyclo Sausage on Kickstarter, with pledges starting at £15 for early birds.

Cyclo Sausage messages
There are ready-made messages, or you can come up with something spicier of your own.
Yannick Read

Buyers have the option of various printed messages (I quite like “WET PAINT”) on their Sausage, and custom text is on offer for an additional charge.

As ever with crowdfunding, there are no guarantees here, but we can see the logic of the Cyclo Sausage whether or not there’s a pandemic.


We’ve all been the victim of close passes at some point, and while the Sausage is somewhat ridiculous looking, the novelty value alone might well make other road users pay a little more attention.