Cyfac revamp custom finish website

French manufacturer offer 2m paint options

Cyfac International announce the launch of its new custom finish site. This new microsite showcases the 2 million paint options available from the French custom frame builder.


Riders can choose from 7 Cyfac paint templates and arrange more than 25 color tints to create unique paint schemes. There are frame options for both standard and ISP (integrated seat post) styles, and custom colors are also available. “We consider the frame finish as important as the build beneath it,” said Eric Sakalowsky, Cyfac’s co-owner and sales director. “We use real paint, stencils instead of decals, and focus on realizing each client’s unique desires. Cyfac is all about the individual rider client. We build each frame one-at-a time and the paint process is designed to realize each customer’s own aesthetic tastes. If someone was a discrete stealth racing machine or the flashiest touring bike ever made, we can deliver.”

Just a small sampling of cyfac’s rainbow: just a small sampling of cyfac’s rainbow
A small sampling of Cyfac’s rainbow

Cyfac offer 26 different models, which encompass road, cyclo-cross, mountain, track, triathlon, track and tandem disciplines. All of Cyfac’s bikes are built in at their factory in the Loire Valley, France. “All tubing design, production, and painting is done in-house,” Sakalowsky told BikeRadar. “We have a small yet highly competent engineering department to help that and it kind of puts us in a unique position as we use Catia software for all design—this is made by a French company called Dassault and they have an initiative to support companies making products in France. Catia allows for FEA, rapid prototyping support, and all of the bells and whistles that go into design. For alloy and carbon it’s our own tubing, for steel we typically use Columbus Zona, Spirit, XCR though we can do Reynolds too.  The tubes come from our molds but are made at various suppliers.”

Cyfac’s in-house paint service is a hallmark feature of the French manufacturer, and has been since the brand was founded 30 years ago. With the new custom site, the myriad of finish options are more accessible to frame buyers.

Once a color choice is made, the technicians at Cyfac’s Loire Valley home will then paint a rider’s unique frame, adding rider name, initials, personal logos, and even the builders’ signatures if desired. “[We use water-based [paints] by Akzo Nobel,” he said. “So it’s much better for our painters and the environment.  We use stencils and not decals so the paint templates give a huge range to the final piece as we can mix and match colors, clear coats, etcetera, as a client desires.”

To peruse Cyfac’s new configurator visit Cyfac-Custom.


Finishing work is done by hand, and with a brush