Danny MacAskill stars in VW car advert

Jaw-dropping moves on the streets of Lisbon

Danny MacAskill, pictured at BikeRadar Live, is starring in an ad for the new VW Golf Estate

UK street riding sensation Danny MacAskill is enjoying a meteoric rise to fame. This time last year he was unheard of outside of trials circles, but after a hit video on YouTube he went on to star at BikeRadar Live, in a music video and in an advert for a jobs site, and now he’s fronting a campaign for Volkswagen.


In the ad for the new VW Golf Estate, Danny Mac pulls some of his trademark jaw-dropping moves while cruising through the streets of Lisbon in Portugal.


Although a series of buttock-clenching drops and backflips fail to faze him, the minute-long clip ends with him being chased out of the car by a humble wasp. Check out the clip below:

Danny macaskill vw advert