ENVE adds nicer hubs to M-Series and drops the price

First no questions asked incident replacement and now improvements to MTB wheelset

Enve I9

Only a few days after ENVE announced its no-questions-asked damage replacement policy, the carbon fibre expert announced it is not only dropping the price of its M-Series carbon hoops, but is also building them with nicer hubs.

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This is the second time in 2019 that ENVE has dropped the price of the M-Series wheels, the first was when the brand announced it would be offering an option to build its mountain bike wheels with I9’s top of the range Hydra hubs, knocking about $400 off the $2,980 retail price.

With this recent announcement, the price of the M-series carbon wheels built with I9’s 101 hubs comes down to $2,100. While there’s no word on how this will affect the international pricing of ENVE’s mountain bike wheels, we hope to see a proportional price drop from local distributors.

ENVE also hasn’t said whether the I9 hubs will begin to appear on its road and gravel wheels — we’d guess they will.

According to ENVE, sourcing parts and building wheels in collaboration with I9, based in North Carolina, has streamlined the supply chain and eliminated costly import duties.

The M5 and M6 rims feature a wide hookless bead that is claimed to basically eliminate pinch flats altogether, while ENVE offers a protective rim strip that’s said to do the same for the M7 and M9 while creating a better interface with tubeless tyres.

The I9 101 hubs are made in the US and feature 90 points of engagement with a six-pawl driver with a claimed 4 degrees of engagement.

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With the slightly cheaper M-Series wheels and I9 101, in addition to the no-questions-asked replacement, the wheels come with the brand’s five-year warranty, and the hubs are backed by I9’s two-year warranty. The new cheaper wheels are shipping now and should begin to appear in shops soon.