Eurobike: Demo Day snippets

Focus, Cannondale, El Moto and more

Before visitors descend on the massive hangars full of next year’s bikes and kit, the Eurobike Demo Day gives them the chance to try out 2010 models on the roads and trails of Argenbuhl, Germany. Here’s what’s caught our eye so far…


El Moto

The El Moto was top fun from the off. It’s essentially a pedal-less bike with an electric motor capable of speeds of up to 45km/h. It’s got a maximum range of around 65km, and you simply twist the grip shifter to go and pull on the disc brakes to stop. Recharging takes 4-6 hours and the battery has a life of 3-4 years.

Mainly distributed in Germany and Switzerland, the company plan to broaden their market in 2010 to the rest of Europe. Retailing at 4,000 euros, we suspect that the max speed for this bike would have to be limited if it ever made it to the UK for use on public roads.

According to EAPC Regulations it would need to grow pedals and lose some of its 45kg weight too in order to comply with the law. There’s always hope.

El moto: el moto
Matthew Cole/

Focus Jarifa Speed

Following on from our mention of the Jarifa Speed during our recent visit to Focus, the German company are showing off a production model at Eurobike.

Electric bikes are huge at this year’s show. The Jarifa Speed uses a 300W motor and, like its unrestricted-in-Europe counterparts, is capable of reaching up to 25mph and is great fun to ride.

Focus jarifa speed:
Matthew Cole/

Katz Alp   

The Katz range of 2010 bikes caught our eye with their chainless drive system. The Alp is built to resist as much dirt, grime, water and other drivetrain hindrences typical of trail riding as possible.

Katz alp:
Matthew Cole/

The low-maintenance off-road machine uses a Rohloff hub gear and a fully sealed chain which rarely needs lubing and won’t snag on trail obstacles. According to Katz, the 6,490 euro price tag represents good value if you consider the long-term maintenance-free joy that users are likely to benefit from.

Katz alp seals :
Matthew Cole/

The Alp has an integrated wear compensator with a ratchet system for adjusting the chain when it stretches. The suspension system out back continues the ‘well protected’ theme, with a triple-attack system to stop dirt and water getting into the seals and bearings.  

Katz Reif

The Reif is an urban commuting bike designed, like the Alp, to be weatherproof and as low-maintenance as possible.

Katz reif town bike:
Matthew Cole/

As well as using a Rohloff hub and internal chain system, it has a rear rack and subtle integrated lighting which is powered by a front dynamo.

Katz reif fork:
Matthew Cole/

In the pits

On the Cannondale stand we sneaked a peek at 2009 marathon world champion Roel Paulissen’s Flash cross-country race bike.

Roel paulissen’s cannondale flash ‘crosser: roel paulissen’s cannondale flash ‘crosser
Matthew Cole/

Meanwhile, over at the Trek pits this team Session 88 downhill bike was on display. It was dripping in top-end kit, from the Fox 40 titanium coil-sprung fork to the six-bolt Bontrager Big Earl wheels and mix of SRAM X0 and Shimano Saint kit. Avid Elixir CR Mags take care of braking and the colour scheme definitely makes this race-ready rig stand out from the crowd.

Trek session 88 dh:
Matthew Cole/

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