Rim brakes, disc brakes, tubulars or clinchers | The new FFWD Tyro range offers it all

Sitting alongside the gravel FFWD Drift, the new Tyro has a 45mm rim depth and 21mm internal width

FFWD Tyro wheels

FFWD has launched its new road and gravel Tyro wheelset range, which includes rim and disc brake options, as well as tubular and clincher models.

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Slotting beside the dedicated gravel FFWD Drift wheelset, the new Tyro shares a 45mm rim depth and a 21mm internal width across the range.

The brand claims the Tyro is designed for 25 or 28mm road bike tyres, but will also work with gravel tyres up to 44mm wide.

The Tyro rim shape differs from the aero 44mm RYOT LAW profile rim in order to accommodate gravel and rim brake options, according to FFWD.

Why offer rim brakes in 2022?

FFFWD Tyro disc wheelset
The Tyro disc brake variant caters for off-roading.

Despite the overall dominance of disc brakes on new road bikes, FFWD believes “rim brake bikes and riders will stay around for years”.

The company says the humble rim brake is often more than adequate, particularly for riding in its native flat Netherlands. It estimates that 10 to 15 per cent of FFWD customers ride rim-brake bikes and don’t wish to upgrade to discs.

FFWD’s Rik van Putten said: “The riders that we see still asking for rim brakes can be divided into two groups.

“One is the category that love the smaller boutique brands with steel, alloy or titanium bikes who often choose to launch rim brake models.

“The other group, which remains incredibly big, is the tourist rider who is not ready for a complete bike upgrade and does want to upgrade their wheels.

“Part of this group is also not able to get a new (disc-brake) bike on short notice so decide to upgrade their current rim-brake bikes.”

FFWD Tyro tubular
Fast forward? Rewind more like, with this tubular wheel model.

FFWD recommends a 100kg-maximum rider weight for the rim-brake wheelset. The manufacturer claims a heavier rider is more likely to descend faster and, as a result, require more force to brake, increasing the risk of the carbon rims overheating.

Since there is no risk of overheating the rim with disc brakes, the manufacturer’s recommended rider weight limit for the disc-brake Tyro is 120kg.

The clincher disc brake wheelset weighs a claimed 1,675g, the clincher rim brake 1,640g and the tubular rim brake 1,510g.

FFWD Tyro tubeless-ready clincher
Tyro clinchers can be run with inner tubes or switched to tubeless.

The wheels’ weights are far from the lightest on the market, but FFWD explains its material choices prioritise practicality over weight.

The manufacturer says its Sapim Sprint spokes are heavier than carbon alternatives, but claims they boost lateral stiffness and power transfer. Similarly, the nipples are made from more corrosion-resistant brass instead of alloy.

The clincher wheels are tubeless-ready with special tubeless tape and valves pre-installed.

The disc-brake wheels are compatible with 12mm thru axles, with the option to convert to 15mm or quick-release.

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All sets cost £969 / $1,199 / €1,099 (FFWD does not have Australian pricing available).