The gravel-specific Fizik Terra Argo short-nose saddle has an adorable built-in drain

Two new models meant for rough roading

Fizik Terra Argo X3 saddle

Fizik has launched two new gravel-specific versions of its Argo short-nose saddle called the Terra Argo X3 and X5.

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The slightly lighter X3 model uses Fizik’s Kium metal rails and costs £129.99, while the marginally heavier X5 gets S-Alloy rails and costs £89.99.

Both come in a choice of 150mm and 160mm widths and feature a quirky ‘mudguard’ in the cut-out, with a tiny drain to allow water to escape.

Fizik Terra Argo: gravel-specific seating

Fizik says the Terra Argo saddles are “shorter, wider, and more supportive”, and both models measure 270mm nose-to-tail.

They’re constructed with a carbon-reinforced nylon shell for vibration absorption and the rails use the brand’s Mobius closed-loop configuration – a single piece that runs up and under the tail of the saddle.

The clamping area of the Terra Argo’s rails is fairly long (the marked section measures 77mm), which Fizik says is to “accommodate a wide range of gravel bike frame geometries”.

The brand describes the Terra Argo’s profile as “waved”, which means the tail kicks up slightly to keep you in place on uphill sections. 

There’s a substantial pressure-relief cutout but, rather than being fully open, this is filled in by a thin mudguard section to prevent filth getting through, with a small forward facing scoop, which we assume is to allow water to drain out. 

Like many Fizik road saddles, the Terra Argo has bendy Wingflex sections on either side, designed to allow unrestricted leg movement. 

The seat is notably slab-sided compared to many road offerings, which should mean less of a tendency to cut into soft tissues as you pedal or bounce along rocky sections. 

Short-nose saddles have exploded in popularity in recent years, with notable examples including the Specialized Power, the Pro Stealth and Fizik’s own road-going ArgoThey are best suited to riders who like to maintain a relatively fixed position on the bike rather than moving around a lot, and they typically work well with an aggressive position.

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The Terra Argo is available to buy immediately; look out for a review on BikeRadar in the near future.