FSA revamps mountain bike wheel range for 2015

Wider asymmetric rims, tubeless compatibility, and easier servicing

FSA has always had a healthy collection of mountain bike wheels in its range but the component giant is making a bigger push for 2015 with a completely revamped range that includes wider rims, tubeless compatibility, claimed 100 percent handbuilt construction, and a relatively wide spread of price points.


Headlining the new collection is the K-Force Light MTB, built with 21mm-wide (internal width) tubeless-compatible carbon fiber rims, bladed and butted straight-pull stainless steel spokes and alloy nipples, and six-bolt cartridge bearing hubs that can easily be converted to nearly any common axle standard. FSA will also offer XD driver bodies for use with SRAM 1×11 drivetrains, too.

FSA has completely revamped its range of mountain bike wheels for 2015. headlining the collection is the new k-force light, which uses a 21mm-wide (internal width) tubeless-compatible carbon fiber rim, convertible cartridge bearing hubs, and bladed and butted straight-pull stainless steel spokes. claimed weight for the 29in version is just 1,464g; retail price is û1,569:

FSA’s new K-Force Light MTB weigh as little as 1,414g per set thanks in part to carbon fiber rims

What you won’t find, however, are any 26in options. Claimed weight for the 29ers is 1,464g while the 27.5in option comes in slightly lighter at 1,414g. Retail price for either is €1,569.

Meanwhile, FSA will use the same rims and hubs on the second-tier SL-K MTB wheels. These will be built with non-bladed (but still butted) straight-pull spokes and brass nipples that push the weight up very slightly to 1,450g and 1,500g for the 27.5in and 29in versions, respectively. Given the modest change, retail price unfortunately doesn’t change very much at €1,459.

Asymmetrical rim profiles help maintain better spoke tension balance between both sides:

Common features for all of the new FSA mountain bike wheels are asymmetrical rim profiles for more balanced spoke tensions and external nipples for easier servicing

We’re particularly interested in the new Afterburner MTB wheels, however, which feature similar hubs, the same spokes, and the same rim dimensions as the SL-K MTB wheels but with aluminum instead of carbon fiber construction. This bumps up the weights for the 27.5in and 29in versions to a still-competitive 1,590g and 1,660g; there is no 26in option.

While the decal on fsa’s new afterburner wheelset says the rims are 22mm-wide (internal width), the printed specs in the catalog say 21mm. either way, it’s good to see fsa bumping up rim dimensions slightly from what was once the norm:

We’re looking forward to trying out the new FSA Afterburner MTB wheels, which are competitively light and relatively reasonably priced

Best of all, retail price is a much more attainable €515 per pair.

US, UK and AU retailing pricing was not immediately available.