Galfer’s new finned Disc Shark rotors could offer serious bite

New rotors come with significant claims from Spanish brand

Galfer Rotor Shark rotors

Galfer’s new Disc Shark disc brake rotors are designed to be an aftermarket upgrade compatible with most mountain bike disc brakes, and are claimed to offer significant advantages over stock rotors.


The rotors have a distinct, specially designed finned shape. These fins are claimed to offer increased cooling because the greater surface area they provide is able to dissipate more heat generated by braking.

Galfer engineers explain that lower brake temperatures result in better performance, longer pad life and a lower risk of damaging the hydraulic circuit actuating the brake.

Galfer’s Rotor Shark rotors are claimed to offer better braking over stock rotors.

In addition, the shape of the Disc Shark and the ‘windows’ and holes drilled in the rotor’s surface are designed to reduce the contact patch with the pad, offering better bite. The shape of these cutouts also creates a uniform area for the brake pads to cover at all times throughout their rotation.

In theory, this should result in less noise and vibration, and a more consistent feel at all speeds. The rotors also feature a nifty magnet mount, which provides a very clean solution to mounting the speed sensor on an electric mountain bike pad.

The Galfer Disc Shark rotor is 2mm thick – approximately 0.2mm thicker than most rotors – which is claimed to improve braking feel with less flex overall in the rotor.

The new rotors are available in 180mm, 203mm and 223mm size options and are intended primarily for enduro and downhill racers.


Galfer Disc Shark range overview and pricing

  • 180mm: €85  / £70.73 / $91.96  / AU$124.22
  • 203mm: €90  / £74.89  / $97.37  / AU$131.52
  • 223mm: €95 / £79.05 / $102.78 / AU$138.83