Gear round-up: ANT+ iPhone case from Wahoo Fitness

Cannondale helmets, Knog lights, Kontact saddle, Polaroid glasses

We’ve come across scores of ways to mount your Apple iPhone to your handlebar, transforming it into a bike computer. The latest to hit our desks from Wahoo Fitness has a few tricks up its sleeve, though, to make it stand out in a crowded market.


The key selling point of the Bike Pack is the ANT+ technology built into its water resistant hard case. This allows you to connect your phone wirelessly to ANT+ compatible devices such as speed and cadence sensors (these are provided with the pack), heart rate monitors and power meters.

Added to the speed, time and navigation data already provided by the iPhone, this gives you access to all the statistics you may crave to improve your performance without having to fork out for a pricey GPS computer.

A worry with all cases of this sort is whether your £500 non-waterproof phone will be protected from both the elements and impacts. Wahoo Fitness claim to have both bases covered, assuring us that it’s both shock and water resistant.

The pack includes a handlebar mount (a time trial bar mount is available for $19.99) and a choice of two rubber inserts compatible with different iPhone models (4S, 4, 3GS and 3G). Wahoo have their own free exercise app on iTunes but the case is also compatible with other popular programs dedicated to cycling. The Bike Pack costs £120 in the UK and is available from Paligap. US readers can buy it directly from Wahoo’s website for $149.99.

Wahoo fitness bike pack cadence sensor:
John Whitney/BikeRadar

The speed/cadence sensor fits to the chainstay in the traditional way


We’ve covered Cannondale’s new helmet range in some depth already, but here they are again with UK prices. The Teramo road lid (£69.99/$109.99) is top of the four-strong line-up and weighs in at 263g on our scales (52-58cm size). It has 23 vents and is available in five colours (four men’s and one women’s) and two sizes (58-62cm & 52-58cm).

The Ryker cross-country helmet (£49.99/$79.95) weighs 296g (52-58cm), with a choice of three men’s and two women’s graphic options. The Radius is pitched at the trail/all-mountain crowd but we reckon it’ll find fans in urban areas too. RRP is £39.99. The entry-level Quick (£29.99/$33.99) is a 231g lid aimed at beginners, with 19 vents, six colour options and two sizes (58-62cm & 52-58cm). 

Cannondale teramo : cannondale teramo
John Whitney/BikeRadar

Cannondale Teramo

Cannondale ryker helmet: cannondale ryker helmet
John Whitney/BikeRadar

Cannondale Ryker

Cannondale radius helmet:
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

Cannondale Radius

Cannondale quick helmet: cannondale quick helmet
John Whitney/BikeRadar

Cannondale Quick


Australian firm Knog’s reputation for stylish, effective bike lights continues with the Blinder 4. The front (80 lumens) and rear (44) lights contain four super-bright LEDs housed in a waterproof aluminium casing and rechargeable via a USB socket. 

Each 39g light has five modes (steady, fast flash, organic flash 1 & 2 and eco flash) with a run time of up to 50 hours on the efficient eco flash setting. Five models will be available from UK distributors Moore Large & Co for £34.99/$55 from April.

Knog blinder (front on right): knog blinder (front on right)
John Whitney/BikeRadar

Knog Blinder 4 rear (left) and front lights


Kontact is a new saddle brand from cyclist, physical therapist and biomechanics expert Joshua Cohen. After years of research – he wrote a thesis and a book, Finding the Perfect Bicycle Seat – he’s come up with a design that’s claimed to give significant performance improvements. 

The 198g Anatomical saddle is said to improve blood flow and oxygen levels in the places that matter, with a shape designed to improve efficiency by allowing greater leg motion throughout the pedal stroke. It’s made from a mixture of materials, with titanium alloy rails, a carbon and plastic body, and a leather cover. Shown is the “racing” model; a wider recreational saddle is in development. They’re available from Hubjub in the UK for £79 or through Kontact’s website in the US for $110. 

Kontact saddle: kontact saddle
John Whitney/BikeRadar

Kontact Anatomical



At £63.20/$100, the Sprinter sunglasses from Polaroid are something of a bargain, given they come with polarised lenses. Available only in the yellow/black colourway seen here, the UltraSight grey lenses offer 100 percent UV400 protection. The glasses come with a hard wearing carry case.

Polaroid sprinter: polaroid sprinter
John Whitney/BikeRadar