Gear round-up: ENVE Cross Disc fork

Plus bike design book, Shimano pedals and more

We’ve already covered ENVE’s Cross Disc fork in detail but here’s a quick recap. It sticks closely to the non-disc model’s formula: a 464g weight compared to 460g (claimed) for the cantilever version, the same (395mm axle-to-crown) length, a 47mm rake (offset) and an uncut steerer tube (1.5in tapered) length of 350mm.


Construction is the same as for the rest of ENVE’s forks – a one-piece, net-moulded carbon structure that uses continuous fibres from dropout to steerer tip. ENVE use medium-modulus, unidirectional fibre to build this superlight fork, because of that material’s more robust, less brittle properties.

The fork is available now in the UK for £440, from distributor Saddleback. The US price is $554.

These two brake-mounting nuts are the only metal found in the fork:
John Whitney/BikeRadar

Bike! A Tribute to the World’s Greatest Cycling Designers

Co-edited by freelance cycling scribe Richard Moore and managing editor Daniel Benson, Bike! is an in-depth look at 49 designers who’ve shaped the world of cycling, in particularly on the road. 

From Colnago and Cervelo to Peugeot and Bianchi, the book is the “beautifully illustrated story of the visionaries and riders who joined forces to create two-wheeled legends”.

The authors attempt to tell these companies’ stories through personal accounts and tales from champions who hit winning heights aboard the bikes.

Published by Aurum Press, it will be available from 3 September for £25.

Bike! a tribute to the world’s greatest cycling designers is co-edited by cycling journalists richard moore and daniel benson:
John Whitney/BikeRadar

Ventoux Event Bag

Founded in 2009, British firm Ventoux started out making T-shirts, but this Event Bag is the debut model in their accessory range. The tidy 60-litre pack is the company’s answer to the problem of lugging a variety of bags to cycling events around the world.

It’s got two spacious main compartments for helmets, shoes and clothes (one of these is waterproof for wet, used garments). There are also two insulated pockets, for storing up to four water bottles, and two front pockets for smaller items such as your road book and tools.

It’s made from a combination of waterproof polyester and rip stop Nylon, weighs 1.6kg and costs £50.

Every bit of kit you’d need for a race or cycling holiday is taken care of with ventoux’s event bag:
John Whitney/BikeRadar

Shimano CLICK’R pedals

Designed to be easier to clip in and out of than a regular SPD pedal, the CLICK’R is aimed at commuting and beginner cyclists. The highest tension setting is said to be the lowest on standard pedals, and Shimano reckon they require 60 percent less force to clip into and 50 percent less to get out of (at the lowest tension setting).

This lighter action is partly due to reduced spring tension, but the pedals also have a narrower step-out angle (8.5 degrees rather than 13) for quicker disengagement. They are available now from UK distributor Madison for £39.99, in black or white.

Shimano’s click’r commuter pedal is designed for easier clipping in and out:
John Whitney/BikeRadar

Prendas Ciclismo Yellow/MOD cotton cap

Hot on the heels of Bradley Wiggins’ double Tour de France/Olympic time trial success, Prendas have produced a cap to commemorate his achievement. The cotton hat is made in Italy, is yellow and is a one-size-fits-all affair. 


It’s in stock now, priced at £7.50. Prendas are also selling a pair of matching socks (£6.50) made from Coolmax fabric.

Prendas’ yellow/mod cap (£7.50) celebrates brad wiggins tour de france/olympic win:
John Whitney/BikeRadar