GoPro Hero+ LCD – first look

New mid-priced action cam with touchscreen display

GoPro has just released details of its latest action camera, an updated version of its entry-level Hero with a touchscreen display and wireless connectivity. In addition to this, GoPro has confirmed rumors of an impending drone.


The new Hero+ LCD shoots in 1080 or 760 at 60fps and captures still images up to 8mp at 5fps. The integrated touchscreen display allows the user to preview the shot, replay video, navigate menus, and share footage via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Another new feature is the ability to trim video clips in the camera, without the need of downloading footage to a computer.

Users can frame shots, replay stills and video and share edts from the gopro+ lcd: users can frame shots, replay stills and video and share edts from the gopro+ lcd

The Hero+ LCD brings high-end features to a mid-level model

The Hero+ LCD will retail for US$299 when it becomes available on June 7. (UK and Australian pricing was not immediately available.)

Here’s a rundown of the current line-up, including the new Hero+ LCD

Model: GoPro Hero GoPro Hero+ LCD GoPro Hero 4 Silver GoPro Hero 4 Black
Max video resolution 1080 at 30fps 1080p at 60fps 1080p at 60fps 4K at 30fps
Max photo resolution 5mp 8mb 12mp 12mp
Burst photo speed 5fps 5fps 12fps 12fps
Wireless connectivity? No Yes Yes Yes
Integrated touchscreen? No Yes Yes No
Price US$129 US$299 US$399 US$499

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman also teased a six-camera Spherical array and a quadcopter drone.

The Spherical array is a ball shaped mount which holds six cameras to capture video and still images for a 360-degree virtual reality view. Pegged for a late 2015 release, the new unit will utilise video and photo stitching technology from Kolor, a virtual reality software company GoPro acquired in April. Not likely to be adopted by the masses initially, GoPro is hoping to show what can be achieved with spherical video.

Woodman also confirmed that GoPro is working on a drone set for release mid way through 2016. While the details are vague at the moment, Woodman confirmed that despite working on their own quadcopter, GoPro will continue working with other manufacturers to provide the best possible software and hardware for aerial video.


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