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Halo launches range of gravel tyres for all conditions, including road-plus rubber

New gravel tyres aim to cover conditions from tarmac to mud, and offer tan sidewall options

Halo gravel tyres

UK brand Halo has launched a range of gravel tyres with wide profiles to suit the variety of conditions found off road, while providing options that will ride fast on tarmac too. The new tyres major on the smaller 650b diameter, although there’s also a 700c option for the most aggressive tread pattern.


Halo says that it’s been developing and testing the new tyres for over three years. Features include a harder centre compound to increase longevity and a tread that wraps a significant distance over the sidewall to increase grip on softer terrain and avoid slipping out on faster turns. As you’d expect, all are tubeless-ready.

Halo reckons that it’s got all bases covered with the new tyre range. It says that the GXR tyre will handle hardpack and dry gravel as well as road riding, while the GXC is its most aggressive design, for loose, wet and dirty conditions. The RXR tyre has the most roadie tread, designed for tarmac and hard-packed unmetalled surfaces.

The full range comes with the option of tan sidewalls as well as all-black. All Halo’s new gravel tyres are available now and retail for £49.99.

Halo includes a Velcro frame strap with each tyre, so you can lash a spare or other kit to your frame when you set out on your gravel adventures.

Halo RXR gravel tyre: 650b for road, adventure and bikepacking

Halo RXR gravel tyre
The Halo RXR is designed for road-plus use.

The RXR tyre is a 47mm wide, 650b tyre for road-plus riders and aims to provide maximum comfort with minimal rolling resistance. It has a claimed weight of 505g.

The centre tread is fairly low profile with wide lugs, but there’s more grip and mud-shedding from the channels in the side tread when you hit looser, wet surfaces. Halo says that the 60 TPI carcass should handle potential damage well, too.

Halo GXR gravel tyre: 650b for all surfaces

Halo GXR gravel tyre
The GXR tread pattern can handle looser conditions.

Like the RXR, the GXR has wide central lugs for low rolling resistance on firmer surfaces, but it’s a bit more aggressive and there’s enough grip to keep traction too.

There’s more profile at the sides than on the RXR, with a combination of siping and widely spaced blocks, to keep you moving over softer terrain.

The GXR comes as a 650b x 47c tyre in black or black/tan with a claimed weight of 575g, and Halo says it’s designed for gravel, adventure and bikepacking.

Halo GXC gravel tyre: 700c and 650b for loose and wet conditions

Halo GXC gravel tyre
GXC offers the most aggressive tread.

Finally, the GXC tyre has an aggressive, widely spaced diamond tread pattern for loose and challenging terrain. It’s available as either a 38mm 700c or a 47mm 650b, both with tan or black sidewalls.

The central tread consists of arrow-shaped blocks that Halo says preserve rolling speed and also help with mud and water clearance. Halo claims that the GXC’s capabilities blur the line with mountain bike tyres.


In 700 x 38c size, the GXC weighs a claimed 395g, while the 650 x 47c tyre weighs a claimed 545g.