BikeRadar’s Hill Climb Diaries is back for 2021!

Jack and Felix take on the University of Bristol Cycling Club Belmont Hill climb on two very different bikes

We’re delighted to say that BikeRadar’s Hill Climb Diaries is back for 2021!

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Now in its fourth season, the BikeRadar team has a handful of hill climbs on its calendar this year and, in today’s episode, Jack Luke and Felix Smith take on the University of Bristol’s promotion on Belmont Hill.

Will Jack triumph aboard his hipster-tastic, lightweight, neo-retro steel road bike. Or will Felix’s new-ish-old-ish Planet-X Nanolight dedicated hill climb bike be enough for him to beat his good colleague and arch-nemesis, Jack?

Watch to see all of this year’s gurning, gear churning and leg-burning action we know you love.

If you haven’t seen Hill Climb Diaries before – or you’re not familiar with the oddity that is the UK’s hill climb season – do yourself a favour and check out our full playlist of every episode.

They are some of the most enjoyable videos we have ever made and are well worth a watch.

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