How to descend in the wet with Marcel Wüst – video

Former pro's top tips for descending in wet conditions

During his career, Marcel Wüst was a demon sprinter, and bike handling was his forte. In his latest exclusive video for BikeRadar, the German winner of 14 grand tour stages tackles the slippery problem of descending on wet roads.


It’s all about anticipation, he says – braking early and looking out for loose grit washed onto the road at corners.

And for heaven’s sake, stay away from the white lines – they’re a greasy nightmare in the wet.

It’s not just about getting down the hill safely, Wüst says; skilled riders can put rivals under pressure on the descent and maybe even get away.

How to descend in the wet with marcel wüst

Video: How to descend in the wet with Marcel Wüst


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