Hutchinson gravel tyres go wide with 50mm options across the range

New 50mm 700c tyres are designed for bikepackers, gravel adventurers and electric gravel bikes

Hutchinson 50mm gravel tyres

Hutchinson’s Touareg, Tundra and Overide gravel bike tyres are now available in a 50mm-wide option for 700c wheels.


The tyres had previously been available in widths up to 45mm, with Hutchinson saying the new width increases comfort and versatility without sacrificing performance.

The Touareg and Overide are also available in 650b x 47mm size.

Hutchinson says the increased width makes the new tyres particularly suitable for electric gravel bikes. They’re also geared to non-assisted bikepacking and exploring technical off-road terrain.

The Touareg has a fine tread pattern designed for dry conditions, the Tundra has a more aggressive tread pattern for loose and muddy conditions, while the Overide is a fast-rolling tyre with a low central tread profile designed for tarmac and dry hardpack.

Hutchinson suggests using a front tyre with a more aggressive tread than at the rear.

Hutchinson reckons there’s room for a mix-and-match approach too. A more aggressive tyre could be fitted to tighten up front-wheel handling, with a slicker rear tyre to improve rear-wheel speed – a sort of half-mullet.

Apart from the new width, the tyres are comparable to Hutchinson’s existing gravel tyre range. It has used the same bi-compound rubber as in its current tyres, along with its Hardskin puncture protection.

All three tyres sit on a 127 TPI carcass and come with oh-so-trendy tan sidewalls. As you’d expect, the new tyres are tubeless-ready.

The good news is the new, wider tyres don’t have a higher price tag, with a suggested retail price of £49.95, matching the narrower Hutchinson gravel tyres.

New Hutchinson 50mm tyre specifications

Hutchinson Overide

  • Dimensions: 700c x 50mm / 29x2in, ETRTO 50-622
  • Terrain: Dry, mixed
  • Claimed weight: 610g
  • Other sizes available: 650b x 47mm, 700c x 35, 38, 40, 45mm

Hutchinson Touareg

  • Dimensions: 700c x 50mm / 29x2in, ETRTO 50-622
  • Terrain: Dry, mixed, rocky
  • Claimed weight: 640g
  • Other sizes available: 650b x 47mm, 700c x 40, 45mm

Hutchinson Tundra

  • Dimensions: 700c x 50mm / 29x2in, ETRTO 50-622
  • Terrain: Mixed, wet, muddy
  • Claimed weight: 680g
  • Other sizes available: 700c x 40, 45mm