Indiglo Dual handlebar mount for Garmin and GoPro launched

Second successful KickStarter campaign for Australian start-up

Following the recent successful KickStarter campaign for the Indiglo 5 front light, the Australian start-up has announced its next product – the Indiglo Dual handlebar mount for Garmin and GoPro.


The mount was originally designed for use with the Indiglo 5, which has a GoPro style mount underneath, but will work with a GoPro and many other action sports cameras.

Up top, the Indiglo Dual features a Garmin quarter-twist mount, which is also compatible with the Wahoo RFLKT and some Magellan (Mio in Europe) computers (it’s not always a perfect fit, but it works).

The concept of combining a Garmin and sports camera mount isn’t a new one; both K-Edge and BarFly have recently announced similar products.

The Indiglo dual mount design should prove sufficiently stiff and capable of handling the weight of two objects. A bonus is that the computer and action camera (or light) will both be perfectly centred.

It’s made of a UV-grade Acetal thermoplastic, which Indiglo claims is flexible enough to fit over the handlebar without the need to disassemble the cockpit. Stainless steel allen head screws and threaded brass inserts are used to tighten it.

The Dual mount won't work with all handlebar and stem configurations. See dimensions for more information
The dual mount won’t work with all handlebar and stem configurations. see dimensions for more information:

The spacing between the two clamps is likely to cause issues with extremely wide stems or handlebars that quickly taper from the 31.8mm clamp

The Dual mount is designed to suit oversized (31.8mm) handlebars, however the dual clamp method will likely lead to some compatibility issues with certain stem and handlebar combinations.


The KickStarter campaign has already exceeded its target (with 14 days remaining), so the Indiglo Dual mount should be available from February. It will cost approximately AU$50.