Just in: Electron Milli lights, Five Ten Baron shoes and Whackjob tees

Plus new kit from Mucky Nutz, BIGxTOP, Finish Line, Muc-Off & more

Electron make lights for the whole gamut of cyclists, from leisure and commuting to enthusiasts and racers. Their Milli LEDs are encased in water resistant silicone and come in front and rear versions, each containing one super-bright LED.


They’re USB rechargeable, with a claimed charge time of 2.5 hours and run time of 11 hours. Six different colours are available (black/blue/green/orange/red/white) and they cost £29.99 a pair. Electron lights are available in the UK via Madison.

Five Ten

Flat pedal shoe masters Five Ten unveiled a load of new offerings at Interbike but it’ll take a while for the 2012 footwear to hit shops. Already available is the Baron, which we first saw at the Fort William World Cup at the start of the summer.

Pitched somewhere between the Impact and Sam Hill downhill models and the more casual Freerider, the Baron is only available in red – Red Baron, geddit? They’re a fair bit lighter than the Impacts (967g on our scales) and, to our eyes, a lot better looking, and they have a stiffer sole than the Freeriders for improved pedalling efficiency.

Five ten baron shoes: five ten baron shoes
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

All the features you’d expect are present and correct – a super-sticky Stealth Rubber sole (in this case the new, non-marking Stealth Phantom Black) along with a reinforced heel and toebox. RRP is £84.99/US$109.95/€109.95 and the Baron is available in sizes 6-14.


At the heart of Devon-based clothing company Whackjob is a desire to be as ecologically friendly as possible, which means manufacturing products from organically grown cotton and bamboo, and sourcing through fair trade schemes.

Whackjob gnarl trail t-shirt:
John Whitney/BikeRadar

They believe jerseys made from manmade fibres just don’t cut it, which is why their three-strong range of riding T-shirts is made from bamboo fibre, which they say is ethical, effective and ecologically sound.

Each design conjures an image from a common mountain biking phrase, to “depict the feel and emotions associated with it”. Each shirt is made from a 70/30 bamboo/organic cotton mix. They cost £29.99 each direct from Whackjob’s website.

Whackjob berm trail t-shirt:
John Whitney/BikeRadar


As the guys behind BIGxTOP put it themselves, these Big Stop pedal straps are “the culmination of several years of procrastination and the desire to create”. Aimed at fixed gear and freestyle riders as an alternative to clipless pedals, they cost £29.99 directly from their website. The company are planning to follow them up with a range of pouches and bags.

BIGxTOP big stop:

Finish Line

Cleaning your cassette, derailleurs and other fiddly components that get caked in oil and lubricant is a tricky business. Using a toothbrush does the job adequately, but it’s really best suited to the teeth in your mouth, not on your sprocket. New in from UK distributors Madison is Finish Line’s Gear Floss.

This is a washable, shoelace-type tool that’s been designed to get grease out of every nook and cranny in your groupset. Finish Line say it’s made from microfibres which attract and hold dirt and grime “better than any material known to man”. Each £6.99 package contains 20 ‘ropes’, each of which is 20in long.

Finish line gear floss: finish line gear floss
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

Mucky Nutz

We’re big fans of Mucky Nutz’s minimalist mudguards here at BikeRadar and it’s good to see their products are continually evolving. The Fender Bender 2.1 improves on the 2.0 with use of 0.3mm thicker plastic for improved durability. RRP is £7.98 and you can buy it directly from Mucky Nutz’s website, in black or white.

Mucky nutz bender fender 2.1 mudguard: mucky nutz bender fender 2.1 mudguard
James Costley-White/BikeRadar


It’s not often we see innovation in sponges, but Muc-Off seem to have done just that with their Microcell Sponge – at least until you remove the packaging. They claim to have reduced their carbon footprint by vacuum packing it – removing all the air to cut its transportation size by four-fifths. It’s available for £2.99 now.

Muc-Off microcell sponge: muc-off microcell sponge
John Whitney/BikeRadar


The Nitestik Safety Marker uses photoluminescent pigment technology to help you locate your belongings in the dark. Each stick contains a small rod of aluminate silicate and works by absorbing natural light, storing it and then emitting it when it turns dark.

The period of time it emits light for depends on the strength and duration of the light source it’s charged from. Nitestik say it’ll last continuously for a decade and it’s apparently waterproof, visible from 20 metres and environmentally friendly. Available in six colours, you can pick one up for £5.99 from Cotswold Outdoor.

Nitestik: nitestik
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

Whitby & Co Hand Warmer

The distinctly autumnal chill we experienced on our way to work this morning meant this hand warmer from Whitby and Co couldn’t have arrived at a more appropriate time. Ideally suited for walking, there’s no reason you couldn’t slip this into the back of your cycling jersey.


The 80g metal warmer employs a ‘flameless’ catalytic warmer, which uses lighter fluid (not included) to burn without a visible flame for 6-12 hours. Included in the £14.95 package is a protective fleece bag and a filling cup. Visit their website for more details.

Whitby & co hand warmer:
John Whitney/BikeRadar