K-Edge and Bar Fly offer new computer and camera mounts

Plus new bags, chain catchers and other accessories

While K-Edge made its name in chain catchers and Bar Fly with out-front Garmin computer mounts, both companies are now reapplying their creative juices and aggressively branching out into other items.

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K-Edge does the combo

K-Edge’s modular design incorporates a CNC-machined aluminium frame with a moulded Delrin insert computer interface. While this arrangement makes for what is hands-down the sturdiest Garmin computer mount we’ve used, it also affords quite a bit of flexibility.

K-Edge is now using those same computer interface holes for an additional Go-Pro/Shimano/Garmin video camera mount, which discreetly bolts up on the underside of the frame for a convenient all-in-one package. Depending on the computer used, the camera can end up completely hidden from the rider, too.

K-Edge now offers combo mounts, which feature a computer mount up top and a gopro/shimano mount down below. depending on the computer used, the camera actually ends up completely hidden from the rider:

K-Edge’s new combo package allows you to mount both your computer and video camera to the same aluminium stalk

The so-called Combo mounts come with a US$15 upcharge over the standard versions – complete retail prices will range from US$54.99 to 59.99. Current K-Edge Garmin computer mount owners can also purchase a standalone add-on for US$19.99 (UK and Australian prices are TBA).

K-Edge also recently announced a new Aero variant of its popular Garmin computer mount, which sports a more rounded profile and tucks the computer head closer to the stem. This limits compatibility to the smaller Garmin Edge 200, 500 and 510 models though, and we can’t help but question the mount’s dubious aerodynamic benefits, but there’s no disputing the fact that it looks better.

K-Edge apparently thinks so too, as the Aero shaping will ultimately be the standard offering for all of the company’s mounts as current stock runs out.

K-Edge will gradually replace its original and more angular-looking computer mount (left) with a more rounded shape. k-edge claims the new shape is more aerodynamic but regardless, it does look better:

We’re not sure if the new K-Edge Aero computer mount (right) is actually more aerodynamic than the old version (left), but it certainly looks sleeker

CatEye and Pioneer computer users aren’t left in the dark, either. K-Edge now offers both out-front, TT-style, and stem cap mounts for both to go along with the previously available SRM options.

Finally, K-Edge is returning to its roots somewhat with new (and long-awaited) cyclocross-specific chain catchers that are designed to work with braze-on derailleur tabs. The Cross Double XL Braze-on is aimed at two-chainring drivetrains while the Cross Single XL Braze-on caters to 1x or singlespeed racers.

Not long ago, cyclocross racers riding bikes with braze-on front derailleurs often had few options for chain catchers. k-edge comes to the rescue with not one, but two versions depending on your chainring setup:

K-Edge now has cyclocross-specific chain catchers for braze-on mounts

Both models use notably stout mounting systems that shouldn’t push away under load. The retail price for both is US$69.99 (UK and Australian prices are TBA).

Find out more at www.acecosportgroup.com.

Bar Fly moves into accessories

Although Bar Fly was arguably singularly responsible for creating the aftermarket Garmin computer mount market, its most intriguing product at this year’s Interbike had nothing to do with computers at all. The new Daily messenger bag uses the same ultra-minimalist theme as Bar Fly’s recently-introduced Saddle Hopper seat bag.

Bar Fly says that the Daily’s paper-thin material can fold down to the size of a wallet, to easily fit into a pocket, yet has enough room for a 13in laptop computer or a six-pack of your favourite frothy beverage. The material is supposedly waterproof too, it’s made in the US and has reflective logos for night-time visibility.

Bar fly is continuing to expand outside of computer mounts with soft goods such as this ultralight – and extremely compactable – messenger bag. bar fly says it’ll fold into the size of a wallet and yet can hold a 13in laptop computer or a six-pack of beer:

Bar Fly says the new Daily messenger bag can fold up into a wallet-sized package

It’s claimed weight is just 75g. The retail price is still to be determined.

And for those you who like to spend time riding indoors in less-clement weather, Bar Fly is developing a new stem/handlebar mount for tablet computers, to help combat the boredom that inevitably comes with furiously pedaling while going nowhere.

The two-piece device snaps together and mounts to your bike without needing tools, and uses four O-rings to secure your tablet in place. Three sets of mounting hooks should accommodate the vast majority of tablet computers.

The clever design requires no tools:

Put your iPad in view with Bar Fly’s new Tablet Trainer

Pricing and availability are to be announced.

Also new from Bar Fly is an iPhone case that was developed for (and sold by) Bontrager, dedicated handlebar mounts for GoPro/Shimano/Garmin cameras, and 2.0 Garmin computer mounts moulded in orange for hardcore Strava fans.

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Find out more at www.barflybike.com.