Looking for somewhere new to ride? Komoot opens Tour search function to UK riders

Tour feature generates routes for you based on popularity, surface type and more

Komoot Tours functionality

If you’re finding that you’re routinely riding the same roads and loops but would like to try and find different places to ride, route planning app Komoot has something new for you.


It’s released its Tour functionality to UK riders, which suggests routes generated by the Komoot app. The app uses a wide range of metrics, including the popularity of roads, paths and trails, as well as surface type, Komoot highlights, POIs and photos submitted by users to generate the route.

If you open the Tours function on the Komoot mobile app, it uses your current location to generate a tour starting at your location. You can also search a wider area or different start location both on the mobile and computer app.

Komoot search
You can narrow down your search on the phone app based on your current location.

You can narrow down the list of suggested routes by criteria such as duration, ride difficulty and distance of start from your location. You can find both road and mountain biking routes as well as hikes and runs. 

As with all of Komoot’s rides, there’s a map, elevation profile and route guidance, and the originator may have tagged locations and added shots of features along the way too.

Customise and download

There’s the option to save and modify a route, export it to your bike computer and share it with your ride buddies.

As well as route suggestions local to you, the Tour functionality can be used to find rides starting further afield. But as with Komoot’s other functionality, you need to pay to access a region before you can download the route to a GPS device. That costs £3.99 for a single region, or there’s a one-off fee of £29.99 to unlock the world. There’s a Komoot Premium option available too.

Cyclist using the Komoot app
Komoot’s app lets you upload your preferred route to a computer so you get navigation guidance.
Rugile Kaladyte / Komoot

Komoot already offers Tour functionality to its users in Germany and the Netherlands, where it says it has been very popular.


Komoot co-founder Jonas Spengler says: “We are very excited to unlock this in the UK where we have seen tremendous growth in terms of high-quality content. The quality of our Tour recommendations is the direct result of an enthusiastic and active community of explorers and adventurers on Komoot – the more we have, the better it gets!”