Magura launches TS8 and TS6 forks

29in, 27.5in and 26in options, plus a new through axle system

Magura already made waves earlier this year with the launch of their RT8TT hydraulic time-trial brake and conversion system, which will be called RT8C (or 6C) for road use. But there’s much more than just a new road brake for 2013 from this German manufacturer better known for mountain bike brakes and suspension.


TS6 and TS8 forks: new 29in and 650b models

Magura have a new line of 29in forks, which rely on a new, lighter lower casting based on the Thor lower legs. The new forks will fall under the TS (Team Suspension) 6 and 8 model names with options of 80mm, 100mm, and 120mm of travel.

Magura added their own 15mm through axle, dubbed M15, which relies on a T25 Torx wrench. Magura built a removable T25 wrench that snaps into the opposite — non-drive — side of the axle, thus the needed tool is always with the fork.

The 29in lowers come with Magura’s DAD (Dual Arch Design) and with a direct 7in/180mm post mount brake mount. “This makes sense on a 29er wheel,” said Stefan Pahl, Magura’s suspension product manager. “If you take a 26in wheel with 160mm rotor, the torque ratios are similar to a 29in wheel with 180mm rotor, because of the ratios we go to a bigger rotor to maintain similar braking forces.”

A look at the fork bumpers Magura use to protect the magnesium lowers
A look at the fork bumpers magura use to protect the magnesium lowers:
Matt Pacocha

Magura have recessed the rebound adjustment knob and integrated new protection bumpers on the 29er forks

For weight considerations, the top-end TS8 models come with two different 32mm upper tube stanchion tube lengths depending on travel. The 80mm and 100mm models share the shorter stanchion length, and are internally adjustable between the two options, while the 120mm model uses longer stanchions, and is fixed at the stated travel.

Magura’s 29in TS8 forks come with two damper options: DLO, which is an on-off compression lockout, or Albert SL, which is a lighter damper with a fixed, non-adjustable compression damping setting. Both have adjustable rebound damping control.

Magura’s DLO+ damper, which is a dynamic lockout that allows the fork to sag to a riders normal sag adjustment and utilize its negative travel when locked
Magura’s dlo+ damper, which is a dynamic lockout that allows the fork to sag to a riders normal sag adjustment and utilize it’s negative travel when locked:
Matt Pacocha

Magura’s DLO+ damper is a dynamic lockout that allows the fork to sag to a rider’s normal sag adjustment and utilize its negative travel when locked

The TS6 models use one set of upper tubes, and are internally adjustable between the three travel options. Externally, the second tier forks look exactly the same, but the less expensive range utilizes more steel and less internal machining.

Other details found on Magura’s entire fork line include an integrated cable guide, crown-mounted bosses for remote adjusters and rubber bumpers on the bottom of the fork legs to protect the magnesium when the bike is set down without a wheel installed.

We weighed a TS8 R 120 29in fork at 1,750g with its M15 through axle and tool. Depending on the model, Magura’s new 29er forks range from US$649 to $849.

TS8 and 6 forks for 650b-27.5 wheels

Magura added a sticker to their 26in fork for the 650b-27.5in crowd. While they will sell a ‘650b/27.5in’ model in TS8 only, in reality, it’s simply a sticker that calls attention to the fact that all of Magura’s through-axle equipped 26in forks offer clearance for the middle wheel size. “If a tire ever passes through the casting, you’re safe to ride this fork, because it will never hit the crown,” said Pahl.

Magura will have 120, 140, and 150mm 650b compatible models available now, with 80mm and 100mm models promised by fall.

The smaller wheeled forks utilize SRAM’s Maxle Lite through axle
The smaller wheeled forks utilize sram’s maxle lite through axle:
Matt Pacocha

Magura’s 650b/27.5 model will be a designated TS8 model, however, it’s just a rebadged 26in fork

The longer, 150mm travel 650b and 26in forks come with Magura’s Albert Select + damper, which is a compression adjustment that offers an adjustable platform. The longer travel —120mm and 150mm forks — 26in and 650b forks also have the option of Magura’s Lift Select travel adjust system, which will lower the fork 30mm externally.

Magura’s non-29in wheel forks also come with SRAM’s Maxle Lite through axle, or 9mm open options — as opposed to the M15 axle found on the new 29in forks.

We weighted a TS8 R 150mm fork at 1,680g. Magura’s 650b and 26in forks range from $599 to $849.

Other news for the entire TS range

In 2012, Magura switched all of their forks from an open bath lubrication system to a new grease-based lubrication design to put a stop to the weeping that plagued the previous oil-based design.

Magura call their proprietary silicon grease system the ‘Fork Meister Concept’. The pores in the aluminum of the lower stanchions are said to trap the grease, which is actually a food-grade silicon lubricant that Magura tout as a greener and more eco-friendly system. Along with the grease-based system Magura have also switched to new bushings, which are without the normally needed grooves for oil flow and offer larger surface contact.

Magura also made the TS line’s air spring more progressive in response to rider feedback of the forks diving too much on stairstep-style drops. This spring rate increase is new for 2013, and our first impression is that Magura nailed the rate.

MT Brakes: Magura head back to the OE market

Magura’s MT line of brakes, which includes four models — 8, 6, 4, 2 — all prefaced by the MT moniker, remains unchanged, as it was just launched last year.

Magura’s MT brake line
Magura’s mt brake line:
Matt Pacocha

Magura’s MT brake line

New this year, Magura are back into the OE (original equipment) market, which means riders should expect new 2013 models from Specialized, Cannondale, and Pivot to be rife with Magura’s MT brakes. To keep up with demand, Pahl said that Magura’s German factory is running three shifts per day.

Magura offer custom options to bike manufacturers, as to match their brakes to the makers paint schemes and even mix and match Magura’s spec. Magura will offer a special MTS model for Specialized with faded gold accents, as well as an all black MT6.


Cannondale have requested Magura’s BAT adjustment (what other manufacturers call pad contact or free stroke adjustment) on the MT6, 4 and 2 models they will spec on their bikes for 2013; Magura only offer BAT on the MT4 model for the aftermarket.