New wireless Magura Vyron dropper post switches to Bluetooth for increased speed and reliability

IP67 rating also improves durability in foul weather

Magura Vyron MDS-V3 dropper post

Magura has announced the release of its redesigned Vyron MDS-V3 electric dropper post. The brand says it has focused on durability and ergonomics in the new post. 

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The new post sees Magura move away from ANT+, with the Vyron using Bluetooth between the remote and post. The brand says this makes the Vyron as fast as a conventional post.

The dropper post will be available in two diameters: 30.9mm and 31.6mm, and four travel variants: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 175mm. Lengths range from 396mm to 471mm depending on the length of travel.

The claimed weight of the post will be 700g, plus 40g for the remote. It will cost £492.92 / €579.90.

Protection from the elements

The Magura Vyron MDS-V3 is powered by a CR2 battery.

Magura says the IP67 certification (meaning it can withstand 30 minutes of submersion in up to one metre of water) makes the new Vyron more resilient to the “enemies of all electronics” – mud, moisture and dirt. 

A sealed, screwed battery cover replaces the charging socket, with a CR2 powering the seatpost and a CR2032 powering the remote. Magura claims the system should last a year.

The travel of the seatpost can be adjusted from 150mm to 175mm and from 100mm to 125mm by changing the inner base of the post. Magura says this gives flexibility and enables the post to be used on multiple bikes.

The new remote is compatible with SRAM’s Matchmaker system.

The addition of Bluetooth is intended to remove a flaw with the previous model, in which the seatpost gave you set period of time to drop the saddle. This new remote is said to enable the seat to stick as soon as pressure is taken off the button. 

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The remote is compatible with Magura Shiftmix and SRAM Matchmaker, while the option of a single clamp is still available for those running different setups.