Mavic’s 2020 Allroad: wheels, kit and shoes

Allroad Pro Carbon SL wheelsets debut, and more

700c carbon gravel wheel

Mavic has expanded its gravel-focussed Allroad range for 2020 with all-new carbon wheels and some interesting riding kit.


We got up close and personal with the brand’s latest offerings at its press camp in the currently-sweltering department of Aveyron, France.

Allroad Pro Carbon SL/SL+ wheelsets

Carbon gravel wheel without tyre
The 650b Allroad Carbon SL Road+ is designed for fat-tyred gravel and adventure bikes
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media

Available in both 700c and 650b, the Pro Carbon SL and Pro Carbon SL Road+ feature carbon rims designed specifically for impact resistance.

The 700c SL version offers a healthy 23mm internal width that’s aimed at tyres from 28mm to 40mm. It weighs a claimed 1,445g and comes with a choice of 35mm or 40mm Mavic Allroad tyres.

Rim bed of carbon gravel wheel
Wide rims and UST tubeless compatibility make these rims rather appealing
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media

The 650b Road+ wheelset has a huge (by road standards) 26mm internal width and is meant for tyres from 40mm to 52mm. Mavic doesn’t yet offer tyres in this size range, so the set will be sold sans rubber.  

While Mavic has previously favoured aluminium for spokes in some of its high-end wheelsets, the Pro Carbon SL sticks with traditional steel in an effort to maintain compliance despite the stiff carbon rim.

The hubs make use of Mavic’s Instant Drive 360 ratchet design, which operates on similar principles to DT Swiss’s star ratchet, using two 40t ratchet rings to offer 9-degree engagement.

Carbon gravel wheel rear hub without cassette fitted
Mavic’s hubs use a star ratchet style freehub
Matthew Loveridge / Immediate Media

ID360 accepts all major freehubs (including Shimano’s new Micro Spline) and these hubs roll on a burly 17mm axle with four substantial bearings.

According to Mavic, the hubs feature large rubber labyrinth seals for riding in all conditions, while an integrated rubber damper makes for a quiet freewheel so you won’t “disturb the wildlife” around you.

Centerlock front hub on carbon gravel wheel
The hubs accept standard centre-lock rotors
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media

We’ll be bringing you a review of these wheels in the near future.

  • Allroad Pro Carbon SL: £1,800 / €2,000 including tyres
  • Allroad Pro Carbon SL+: £1,730 / €1,900 excluding tyres

Allroad Bib Short

The Allroad bibs feature handy side pockets on the legs
The Allroad bibs feature handy side pockets on the legs

Putting pockets on things that didn’t previously have pockets is extremely on-trend right now, and that’s exactly what Mavic has done to create its Allroad shorts.

Made from very breathable and stretchy fabric, these bibs have straps that split into a Y-shape where they meet the waist, for better support apparently.

The chamois feels quite luxurious and there are pockets, one each side, perfectly sized for energy bars and whatnot.

I had the chance to try these and my initial impression was that they’re very comfortable. Sizing runs small — I’m an XS in many brands but Mavic’s small bibs fit me fine.

Riding a gravel bike
The Allroad Bibs performed well on a couple of very hot test rides. I did not.
  • £145 / €160

Allroad Wind Jersey

Two-tone red cycling jersey
The Allroad Wind Jersey has a wind-resistant chest panel

Joining the existing Allroad jersey, the Allroad Wind adds a wind-resistant chest panel and uses a Merino-synthetic blend for comfort and, I imagine, less stink than standard Lycra.

Back of cycling jersey with five main pockets
The Wind jersey features two more pockets than a traditional top

It features five pockets rather than the usual three, so you carry all sorts about your person, plus there’s an extra zippered one to secure small valuables.

In keeping with the gravel theme, the fit is quite casual. France’s ongoing heatwave means I’ve yet to try this top on the bike, but I can confirm that a size small is a bit generous in the sleeves for someone with arms as scrawny as mine.

  • £145 / €160

Allroad Pro Shoe

Gravel cycling shoe
Mavic’s Allroad Pros are impressively light for an off-road shoe

We first saw Mavic’s Allroad Pro shoes in prototype form last year and they’re now available to buy. At a claimed 280g per shoe for a size 42, these are pretty darned light for a walkable shoe.

Mavic uses a woven ‘Matryx’ upper which includes Kevlar fibres and is designed to be both breathable and highly abrasion-resistant.

Shoe upper flattened out
The Matryx upper feels virtually weightless
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media

£225 / $275 / €250