Muc-Off launches ‘bike specific’ pressure washer

It's a pressure washer, but only for bikes

Ben Deakin pressure washes his Pivot mountain bike using Muc-Off pressure washer on snow foam function

We’ve now reviewed the Muc-Off pressure washer — check out the full scoop here!

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Muc-Off has just announced what it’s calling the world’s first bike specific pressure washer.

If you say pressure washer to a bike mechanic, you will see them visibly cringe at the thought of removing dirt and grime from a bike with a high powered stream of water, potentially blowing the grease right out of your bearings in the process. Muc-Off says that shouldn’t be a problem with its unit though.

With a 1,200w carbon brush motor, Muc-Off’s washer has a max flow rate of 6.5 litres per minute and a max pressure of 100bar or 1450.38 PSI. This brings the unit into the same range as what would be labelled as a ‘light-duty’ pressure washer at your local hardware store — meaning you can probably use it to wash your driveway or BBQ grill too.

Muc-Off pressure washer
It compacts down for storage

The points of difference, however, are the three ‘lances’ included with the unit, which Muc-Off says it developed to ensure the stream of water won’t peel off low-friction coatings and paint or force water past bearing and suspension seals.

There is a low power head for bikes, a slightly higher pressure head for motorcycles, and an adjustable pressure lance for “heavy grime on your tires that needs cleaning with a bit more pressure” — probably a good option for your car and patio furniture too.

Each part of the gun and lance is finished in a ‘soft-touch’ matte black finish, and the high-pressure house uses metal contact points for the best possible durability while the housing for the pump is made using what the brand calls a “tough, impact  resistant, modified copolymer.”

Muc-Off pressure washer
The pressure washer works using mains electricity and is designed for home use

Muc-Off is also offering a low pressure “snow foam lance” that allows for a bottle of bike cleaner to be attached inline to give your bike a veritable bubble bath, and a dry-bag carry case that’s designed to keep everything together and, well… dry

The new bike-specific pressure washer is available in limited quantities via the brand’s website, and at launch will only be available in 220-240V~50/60Hz and UK plugs. EU and North American models will be available later in the year, but there’s no word on an Australian version at launch.

Muc-Off pressure washer being used by Tahnee Seagrave
Tahnée blasts the muck off her bike

The basic kit, which includes the washer and three lances, will retail for £79.99, making it price competitive with similar power units.

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The Dry Bag Carry Case is available for an additional £19.99 and the Snow Foam Lance for £14.99. International pricing is TBD.