Mudhugger 29in rear mudguard now available

Close-fitting seatstay-mounted guard suitable for bigger wheeled bikes

Mudhugger is now stocking a 29in version of its unique, seatstay-mounted rear mudguard. This will come as welcome news to many owners of bigger wheeled bikes – the vast majority of which couldn’t fit the standard version of the product to their frames.

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The 29in version of the Mudhugger retails for £26, holding a £3 premium over the company’s ‘standard’ length rear guard. It’s important to point out that as well as obviously being ideal for 29in bikes, it’s also suitable for 650b full-suspension bikes. Anyone looking to fit the rear guard to a 650b hardtail should be able to get away with the standard version, though. The new guard features a larger radius and is 3in longer than the standard version.

The original Mudhugger came about when brotherly business duo Bruce and Jamie Gartrail found that enduro bikes with dropper posts were no longer suitable for more traditional, crudcatcher-style guards, and that they were all-too often coming back from rides plastered in mud. They came up with a unique seat-stay mounted design that wrapped around the rear wheel and the original Mudhugger was born.

We’ve been using a rear Mudhugger for quite a while now and will soon be filing a review, keep your eyes peeled to BikeRadar for that.

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Mudhugger also sell outside of the UK, for more info on that you’re best to contact them via

We’ve been testing the rear mudhugger for a while now: we’ve been testing the rear mudhugger for a while now
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