Campagnolo releases Super Record EPS time trial lever and new wheels

New releases ahead of the Giro d’Italia

Campagnolo has released details on a new 12-speed EPS-compatible time trial brake lever and two new wheels that debuted on the prototype Colnago TT1 earlier this week.


The new brake lever is compatible with the brand’s hydraulic disc brakes and is accompanied by an 80mm front Bora Ultra WTO wheel and a new disc rear wheel. A new climbing wheelset has also been teased by the brand.

The brand says it worked with Colnago throughout the development of the prototype TT1 and conducted extensive wind tunnel testing at the Polytechnic University of Milan to aerodynamically optimise the TT1 against its competition, leading to the creation of these new products.

Pricing, availability and detailed specs are to be confirmed for all products, and we have contacted Campagnolo for more information.

New TT brake lever control

The levers look to be fairly slender in profile, especially considering they house the hydraulic reservoir. Note the Bora Ultra WTO 80 front wheel too.

The new combined time trial brake lever/shifter is compatible with Campagnolo’s 12-speed Super-Record EPS groupset with hydraulic disc brakes.

It appears to feature some texturing on the hood for increased comfort and there looks to be a Torx bolt on the outside of the lever where it attaches to the main body. This is presumably to adjust the position of the brake lever rather than to adjust the contact point of the disc brakes.

The release of the time trial lever comes at a puzzling time in the product life cycle considering that Campagnolo’s 12-speed line has been in production since May 2018.

Prior to this release, the brand did not offer a time trial shifter to complement its 12-speed groupsets –  only its previous generation 11-speed mechanical rim brake groupsets. This saw Campagnolo-sponsored teams switching back to the brand’s previous-generation groupsets during time trial stages.

New Campagnolo Ultra WTO 80 wheel

Although the press shot of the TT1 features what appears to be a Pirelli P-Zero tyre, the fact that this image portrays a Vittoria Corsa tyre strongly points to it being a clincher wheel.

Campagnolo has also quietly released an 80mm depth variant of its Bora Ultra WTO wheel. The line-up previously consisted of 33, 45 and 60mm depth options. The new 80mm wheel is claimed to weigh in at 740g.

The Bora Ultra WTO sits at the top of the brand’s wheelset line-up above the ‘regular’ Bora WTO. The wheels feature the brand’s halo H.U.L.C (Handmade Ultralight Carbon) carbon construction and a Campagnolo Luxury finish, which does away with lacquer, giving the wheel a mirror-like sheen.

The wheels are further aerodynamically optimised with their internal Aero Mo-Mag spoke nipple arrangement. Drag is reduced with the brand’s CULT ceramic-bearing equipped hubs.

New disc wheel

The disc wheel retains the reassuring Campagnolo shield graphic.

As well as the 80mm variant, the Colnago TT1 also features a disc-brake disc Bora Ultra WTO wheel.

It appears to be a clincher wheel that is also likely to be tubeless-ready, in keeping with the rest of the Bora Ultra WTO range.

Campagnolo’s outgoing disc wheel was the Bora Ultra TT, a rim brake tubular option only. With many teams moving away from tubulars, the new wheel fills a notable gap in the Campagnolo disc wheel catalogue.

New prototype climbing wheel

Campagnolo love to tease.

Campagnolo also hinted that a prototype climbing wheel will be used at the Giro d’Italia.

With the Bora Ultra WTO 33 coming in at an already respectable 1,385g, has Campagnolo been working on a shallower version of the platform, or will it release an all-new product line?


We’ve asked Campagnolo for further details and will keep our eyes peeled at the opening stages of the 2022 Giro d’Italia this weekend.