Is this the new Canyon Aeroad? Revamped bike spotted in Zwift advert

Updated 2020 model possibly spotted in new Zwift advert

Mathieu van der Poel Zwift New Canyon Aeroad

A new Zwift advert may have inadvertently revealed Canyon’s latest update to its popular Aeroad aero road bike.


The advert shows XC, cyclocross and road superstar Mathieu Van der Poel riding a number of different Canyon bikes on a Wahoo Kickr smart trainer in a room with Zwift projected onto the walls. His road bike appears to be an updated version of Canyon’s highly regarded but slightly long in the tooth aero road bike platform, the Aeroad.

It’s a bike that many of us here at BikeRadar were hoping to see in 2020. While the overall profile of the frame appears similar to that of the current model, originally released back in 2014 and updated with disc brakes in 2016, there are a few notable differences when the two bikes are compared side by side.

Mathieu van der Poel Zwift New Canyon Aeroad 2
Though at first glance the bike appears to be very similar to the current Aeroad, there are a few notable differences on the bike Van der Poel is riding.

For a start, the cable routing around the handlebars and head tube has been significantly tidied up, with all cables (including hoses for hydraulic disc brakes) now routed fully internally through the handlebar and into the frame.

The integrated handlebar also looks to have received an update, with the traditional-bend drop shape found on the previous model being replaced by a more modern, semi-compact shape.

Additionally, the seat stays appear to have been widened and the new fork also tapers less at the dropouts than the previous version, perhaps both taking advantage of the updated UCI rules, which now permit tube shapes that are slightly longer and thinner (and therefore more aerodynamic) than when the original version was released.

What is suspected to be the Canyon 2020 Aeroad aero road bike
Zwift’s advert provides a fleeting close-up glance at what is potentially the new 2020 Canyon Aeroad.

The down tube appears to also have been widened to match the width of the head tube, likely to increase stiffness and improve aerodynamic performance with water bottles in place – similar to how Pinarello widened the down tube when redesigning its F8 to make the F10.

Tyre clearance at the fork looks to have also increased, which would be a welcome update. Being able to take a 28mm tyre was considered very progressive for an aero road bike when the current Aeroad released, but times have moved on and we’re hoping this new version might be able to take even larger road tyres.

The proprietary aero seat post also appears to have been significantly beefed up, presumably in search of greater aerodynamic efficiency, but we’ll be interested to find out how comfort compares to the current model when we can eventually get one in to test.

Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Black
When the current model launched in 2014 it was positively futuristic, but six years is a long time in bicycle design terms so it’s certainly due an update soon.
James Huang / Immediate Media

As always, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any more details from Canyon. Interestingly, the UCI’s latest list of approved frame models lists this new model only in disc form (as the Aeroad CFR Disc R065), so could this spell the end of the rim brake Canyon Aeroad?


It might upset a few die-hard rim brake fanatics out there, but with Scott recently announcing its new Addict RC would be a disc-only platform and Cannondale’s SystemSix aero bike only coming with discs, that appears to be the direction the performance road bike market is now heading.