Hope’s new Tech 4 brakes promise improved power and modulation

British brand announces release of all-new levers

Packshot of Hope Tech 4 in black red

Hope has announced the release of its all-new Tech 4 brake levers. Drawing on the brand’s more than 25 years of experience, the new disc brakes feature increased power and improved modulation compared to the outgoing Tech 3 brake systems.


Hope says the Tech 4 lever has “an increased hydraulic and mechanical ratio”. This improved ratio provides a linear relationship between the pressure of the brake and lever force, making it more intuitive to modulate.

Improvements have also been made to the seals, which Hope says are all new for the purposes of reducing friction.

The lever blade pivot also spins on roller bearings, allowing for a reduced master cylinder piston return spring rate, which translates to a lighter lever action, reducing rider fatigue.

Combining these improvements, Hope claims there is a 30 per cent braking pressure increase over the Tech 3 for any given lever force.

The Tech 4 uses a hinged clamp to reduce weight, as we saw with the XCR launched last summer, making brake-lever removal easier and quicker, and improving ergonomics. The reservoir’s surface area has been increased to lower its height.

If you bleed the brakes using Hope’s bleed kit, the bleed cup will attach to a bleed-specific reservoir lid. With the change in shape, Hope says the bleed kit will remain the same but there will be a revised reservoir lid to support the Tech 4.

Shifter integration with the latest Shimano or SRAM shifters is also said to have been improved, now offering 30 degrees of angle adjustment. The Tech 4 retains the tool-free bite point and reach-adjust of the Tech 3.

All parts (other than pads and hoses) continue to be manufactured in Hope’s Barnoldswick-based facility.

Updated brake calipers

The Tech 4 is compatible with Hope’s X2, E4, V4 and Trial Zone calipers, all of which are CNC machined as a single piece.

Both 4-piston calipers (the E4 and V4) have been updated and utilise hybrid-style stainless steel pistons with a phenolic insert. Hope says the advantage of this is smoother movement and less maintenance, while still being able to handle the high temperatures without additional heat transfer during extreme use.

New pads

Hope Tech 4 brakes are supplied with new racing compound brake pads. The brand says they have been designed to offer impressive performance straight out of the box with little bedding in required, and are more resistant to brake fade than standard organic pads.

Hope Tech 4 brakes availability and pricing

Hope Tech 4 brakes with braided hose in black / blue
Hope Tech 4 brake levers with V4 caliper and braided hose in black / blue.

All brakes in left or right configuration are supplied with rear 1.6mm hydraulic hoses fitted as standard. The complete brake is available in black and silver with the option of blue, red, purple or orange highlights.

The brakes are available now. Hope advises Australian availability from April, with pricing to be confirmed.

  • Tech 4, E4 – braided hose: £205 / €255 / $260 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, E4 – black hose: £195 / €245 / $245 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, V4 – braided hose: £220 / €275 / $280 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, V4 – black hose: £210 / €265 / $265 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, X2 – black hose: £175 / €220 / $220 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, X2 – braided hose: £185 / €230 / $235 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, X2 flat-mount – black hose: £175 / €220 / $220 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, X2 flat-mount – braided hose: £185 / €230 / $235 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, Trial Zone – black hose: £190 / €235 / $240 (ex tax)