Nopinz now has an aero-optimised skinsuit for gravel racing

Cargo pockets and crash-protection panels aim to enhance the practicality of the brand’s first gravel garment

NoPinz Pro-1 gravel skinsuit

Nopinz has released the Pro-1, its first gravel skinsuit.


The brand says the Pro-1 combines aero performance with the functionality required for gravel riding.

The garment costs £199.99 and comes in light blue, black or green. There are men’s, women’s, standard and tall versions. Sizes run from 2XS right through to 2XL.

It weighs a claimed 300g in an unspecified size.

Aero meets gravel

The green colour option is one of few nods to gravel tradition.

Elite gravel racing is fast but not quite time-trial speed. Therefore, the aero clothing brand says it has designed the tightly fitting sleeves of the Pro-1 to be most aerodynamic at lower speeds.

Other areas, such as the breathable mesh torso, prioritise ventilation to keep the rider cool, according to Nopinz. This could be valuable in long, hot races such as Unbound Gravel.

The aero design has evolved to include storage and crash protection.

Nopinz claims reinforced Dyneema panels on the hip area provide protection in the event of crashes. Meanwhile, the chamois is said to be “gravel-specific”.

A mesh cargo pocket on the outside of each leg and three large rear pockets enable you to carry and access snacks, such as energy bars, on the go, according to the brand.

Why has Nopinz released a gravel skinsuit?

No safety pins or numbers flapping in the wind.
Simon Bromley / Immediate Media

The British brand made its name by developing the SpeedPocket – a clear pouch for holding race numbers at the back of a skinsuit without the need for safety pins.

The SpeedPocket can save a rider eight to nine watts at 50km/h, according to Nopinz. Its skinsuits are now a fixture at mid-week 10-mile time trials and World Championships alike.

Explaining the decision to diversify into gravel, Nopinz founder and CEO Blake Pond said: “It’s clear that the market is calling out for a performance-orientated, gravel-specific skinsuit, at an affordable price point.”

Despite costing £200, the Pro-1 isn’t the priciest skinsuit around.

To some, close-fitting aero clothing might not be in the spirit of gravel. However, the increasing popularity, speed and professionalisation of the discipline have made aerodynamics more influential.

After Unbound Gravel banned aero bars for the elite, riders may look elsewhere to reduce drag. Our wind tunnel testing of the best-value aero upgrades revealed clothing, such as a skinsuit, delivers good bang for your buck.


The rise of gravel-specific gear was one of our predictions for gravel in 2023: another way in which the Pro-1 racing suit is bang-on trend.