Öhlins says the updated DH38 m.1 fork is smooth, supple and versatile

Ebike-approved DH38 m.1 is for more than winning World Championship downhill titles

Ohlins DH38 m.1 fork 2020

Öhlins’ World Championship-proven air-sprung DH38 suspension fork has been in its product range for several years and has won many races under the likes of Loic Bruni and Miranda Miller.


The new m.1 builds on the qualities of its predecessor (still available — both are listed on the brand’s website) while, Öhlins says, improving sensitivity and broadening the usage spectrum.

A change in the fork’s lubricant and “functional grease” should help “decrease the breakaway force” needed to initiate movement through its stroke, according to Öhlins; in other words, making it more supple and more sensitive to small bumps (a problem area with some Öhlins forks we’ve previously tested).

A new seal head design also claims to reduce friction and allow for a greater volume of lubricating oil inside the fork.

In terms of construction, Öhlins says the negative air chamber can now be tuned to be bigger, to deliver further improvements in comfort, or to add spacers for increased feedback and control.

Ohlins DH38 m.1 fork 2020
The DH38 m.1 features Öhlins’ dual-clamp floating axle.

It also draws technology from the RXF36 m.2 single-crown fork; the pressurised piston provides more consistent damper performance, according to the company. A new needle design allows greater low speed compression and rebound damping.

The adjustment range has also been increased to 15 clicks of low-speed compression and low-speed rebound damping and five clicks of high-speed compression damping. Adjuster knobs have been redesigned “for better click feeling”, too.

Ohlins DH38 m.1 fork 2020
Redesigned internal features and new lubricants aim at making this a low-friction fork.

Compatibility is an interesting factor in Öhlins’ marketing of the fork.

The DH38 m.1 is ebike-approved, has 29- or 27.5-inch wheel options, can be bought in a 200- or 180mm-travel guise (but can also be rebuilt to anywhere else between 120 and 170mm of travel) and has four offset choices.

Uniquely, the fork and crown are sold separately so you choose your offset — or just add all four to your basket if you really want to splash some cash.

The DH38 m.1 is more than just a downhill-bike-only triple-crown fork, and whatever option a buyer might choose — whether that’s for DH, electric mountain bikes or even enduro — they will benefit from an extensive online settings bank to help get the fork working optimally.

Öhlins also says improvements to the fork’s overall construction, as well as shared parts with the RXF36 m.2, results in improved durability and serviceability.

DH38 m.1 specs

  • 200mm disc brake mount
  • 110×20 Boost DH hub standard
  • 38mm upper tube diameter
  • 46/50/54/58mm offset crown options
  • Maximum tyre sizes 29×2.8” and 27.5×3.0”
  • 180 or 200mm stroke options (can also be rebuilt to 120-170mm)
  • Independent cartridge spring and damper systems
  • Cassette tool interface on damper and air spring for easier/safer removal
  • Dual clamp floating axle
  • Ebike approved

DH38 m.1 pricing

Fork: £1,254.46 GBP / €1,442.63 EUR / $1600 USD excluding VAT


Crown: £274.42 / €315.58 / $350 excluding VAT